CPA Stomper Review

CPA Stomper Review

CPA Stomper is the latest product by Nick Marks a very successful Online Marketer! Now CPA Stomper is about using free traffic to make lots of CPA commissions online using free traffic and certain free platforms.

In the past I have used this certain well known free platform to make over $100 a day in CPA commissions but I had to do a lot of posting on the platform and sometimes it would take me over 8 hours a day to make my goal which was just to much time so I moved onto something else!

CPA Stomper Review


Now in CPA Stomper the offers that you will be posting are very high converting offers and have a high pay out, as much as $60 per offer so even if you only make 2 commissions a day then that is almost $4000 per month which I think you agree is good!

There are 5 main training videos in CPA Stomper, now when I first got access to this there was no members area created so I just got the 5 video modules which I will show you in my video review plus there is a bonus eBay course!

So let me tell you about what I didn’t like about CPA Stomper…well the first 4 videos are complete common sense to anyone who knows even a little bit about CPA marketing and it really is not until the 5th video of CPA Stomper which is 25 minutes long that the actual method is shown!

CPA Stomper Review


Also on the sales page there are no income proof from any CPA networks…which if I was making $145 a day in CPA commissions as stated on the CPA Stomper sales page then I would be showing them rather than some random cheques that could come from anywhere!

Also on the sales page it says that this an underground and new method, well I can tell you right now that it is not as I was using a very similar method years ago…my method was not as refined as CPA Stomper but as said above it works. Also this is not a course that will take a little time to start making money but rather a course that will require daily work to achieve commissions!




One last thing that I thought strange or funny was the 2 review videos from Nicks “Students”, who are actually high 6 figure marketers called Mark Barrett and Saul Maraney…I mean really Nick, getting your friends and super affiliates to make review videos is a bit silly. Anyone who knows anything about IM will know both these guys!!!!

Now with that being said if you are willing to put in the hours then you can use CPA Stomper to make some rather good money but you will have to put in some work. Also there is really no technical skills needed. If you can make posts on a basic market place and create an email account then you can use CPA Stomper to make money!


OTO 1 is a set of 5 Done for your campaigns which are tested and proven to convert (these would be very useful actually)

OTO 2 is a selection of apps that can be used to drive traffic to your offers (again actually very useful…)

OTO 3 is a 30 day coaching product with one on one training from Nick (I can’t say if this will be good or not as I have never had training with Nick)


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