CPA Success Academy Review

CPA Success Academy Review

Is CPA Success Academy Really Possible To Make Money With? Lets Find Out(Yes, I actually DID review it, rather than copying the sales page)!


I have a weakness for CPA products so had to get a copy of CPA Success Academy to review and maybe test!

One of the reasons that I love CPA so much is that when you have a good method to follow you really can make quick good money and withdraw it instantly from your chosen CPA network and reinvest or simply spend it!

I have seen many different kinds of CPA methods but CPA Success Academy is actually quite different!

CPA Success Academy Review

CPA Success Academy Review


Many product creators as you may know release products every week without actually testing the method. Basically they teach you theory but in CPA Success Academy this is a method that has been very well tested!

On the sales page you can see Ayan logging into his Peerfly CPA account and showing live his stats and I think if you are reading this you have to admit that CPA Success Academy and Ayans results are impressive.

There are many reasons why CPA Success Academy and other CPA courses are so popular and that is because with many of the offers you do not actually have to sell anything.

CPA Success Academy Review

CPA Success Academy Review


A good example would be whenever a new iPhone comes out a new CPA offer comes out and to make commission from that offer all you have to do is to get someone to add either their email, zip code or phone number (though usually only their email).

Now for getting someone to do that you can earn from $3 to $4. Now while that is not a lot if you get 50 people to complete that simple offer then, well you do the math!

Alright so what angle does CPA Success Academy take? Well the first thing that I noticed about CPA Success Academy is that there is a bit of set up involved but if you can follow basic instructions then you will have absolutely no problem at all.

The good thing about CPA Success Academy is that once you have done the set up once you can profit for ever from that campaign. I actually have YouTube videos promoting CPA offers from 4 or 5 years ago that still bring me in commissions.

CPA Success Academy Review

CPA Success Academy Review


So many people are focused on making quick and easy money which is very possible but it usually requires a bit of preparation or setting something up but once you have done it once then you can just rinse and repeat which is a big thing you will learn in CPA Success Academy.

CPA Success Academy consists of 30 videos, all over the shoulder easy to follow training videos. The only slight problem that I had with going through CPA Success Academy is that Ayan has quite a strong accent and a few words I missed and had to go back to hear.

Now besides having a strong accent CPA Success Academy is a very solid and strong method that I have never seen exactly like this.

There is no rehashed fluff or filler in CPA Success Academy, everything that you will learn is interesting and will be profitable if you follow the simple set up instructions.

Also unlike many courses or products I could find no missing element that would stop you from making good money and building a CPA business empire.

CPA Success Academy Review

CPA Success Academy Review


CPA Success Academy is a case study and how better to learn than from someone who is actually making great cash and is willing to show you how!

I did skip the first few videos because they are for real beginners who don’t know what CPA is, but to me that makes CPA Success Academy a perfect course for beginners to advanced CPA marketers!

If setting up a quick blog and learning about Facebook ads puts you off then I guess that CPA Success Academy is not for you, though in my opinion CPA Success Academy is really worth a shot!

Hopefully over Christmas I will have a few spare hours to actually try out CPA Success Academy because in this review I actually think that there will be a lot of happy people making money with CPA Success Academy!


Upsell 1 is Push Button Software + Scale Up Strategy + DFY Pack (The Done for you Pack is HUGE)


Upsell 2 is a very detailed advanced case study (If you have went through the main training and want more ideas then this is perfect)


Upsell 3 is DFY Blog Setup (This is a time saver though if you decide to grab CPA Success Academy through my site I will be giving you 20 ready to go niche blogs)


Upsell 4 is Resale Rights (resell CPA Success Academy to anyone you like)












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