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So firstly Crazy 5RR Cash is about Fiverr which you probably got from the name. This is only the second review I have done about Fiverr because I know how hard it can be to make serious cash on Fiverr and there are so many courses telling the same information. Now the question is, Is Crazy 5RR Cash different?

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The main thing that attracted me to Crazy 5RR Cash is that the methods and gigs come from a top rated Fiverr seller and in my experience if an expert on a subject decides to reveal his secrets then you should listen and that is who Crazy 5RR Cash was created by, a top rated seller who can easily pull in 300$ a day on Fiverr and even sometimes has to pause certain gigs because of the amount of traffic and orders and this is what the core training of Crazy 5RR Cash is all about.

Crazy 5RR Cash is perfect for the beginner to Fiverr or someone who is selling already but not getting the results that they want! So much of success on Fiverr is making your gigs look appealing and knowing what people want, what is hot and what new business owners need and I felt that Crazy 5RR Cash did cover this and more.



In Crazy 5RR Cash you will learn in a video course what you need to know to become a successful Fiverr seller!

Module 1 is all about which gigs these guys offer and which gigs you should be offering that are in super high demand especially for new business owners! (that is one of the keys to success with Crazy 5RR Cash is knowing what new business owners need and from being a multiple business owner I do agree that these are gigs I have ordered many times).

Module 2 is about the exact software that these guys use to set up an easy to use process that ensures that every gig is set up perfectly (my knowledge of Fiverr selling is limited but as an Internet Marketer I can’t think of a smarter way of doing this step by step process)

Module 3 is for me the most important part of this set up and that is how to write catchy headlines, tags that make your gig come up in the searches and descriptions that have your clients ready to click buy now!

Module 4 is about how to deliver your gigs quickly but also over delivering so that you have your clients coming back for more.



Not only is Crazy 5RR Cash solid training to become a top rated Fiverr seller but your are shown which gigs convert the best and after going through Crazy 5RR Cash I probably have to agree (I buy a lot so know which gigs new business owners need, not want but need!!)

There is also a very nice bonus about Fiverr arbitrage which is included in the main product but that is for you to over yourself as I feel that with Crazy 5RR Cash you will start to seriously pull in some great recurring income and before you know it be a top rated seller yourself!



There are 3 OTO’s…which I have checked out below!

OTO 1 is 10 videos about 10 different gigs that you can basically watch and begin to offer those gigs. (solid training again from someone who knows what they are talking about, this will really give you a huge leg up to start getting sales)

OTO 2 is direct from the 100$ a day Fiverr guy who will show his tactics to getting so many leads and orders that you may have to pause your gigs. 100$ a day looks easy this way!

OTO 3 is 4, 1 hour coaching webinars that will give you the focus, tools and mindset to begin raking in the cash with Crazy 5RR Cash!

I always like to say which OTO I think is the best and most needed to help you make money but with Crazy 5RR Cash if you want to be making a full time income as soon as possible then it is difficult to say as all are worthwhile to a Fiverr Seller!

As I said I use Fiverr all the time but have never been a seller on Fiverr but IF I was going to start I would start with Crazy 5RR Cash…

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