Easy Pi Review

Easy Pi Review


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Today I am looking at a new course called Easy Pi by Aidan Corkery. Is it worth buying? Well check out my Easy Pi Review.

The first thing that I will say is that I have been following Aidan’s Internet Marketing career and know how he got started and that is exactly what Easy Pi is going to be teaching you.

Firstly an interesting little fact about Aidan and his Easy Pi method.  Aidan is a full time school teacher in Ireland and used the Easy Pi method to get started making money online so what he is teaching is not just theory but is actually what he does to make a good deal of money in his spare time!

Easy Pi Review

Easy Pi Review


Inside Easy Pi he actually shows an example of what it is that he does and of course Easy Pi is all about how to replicate his success which basically involves making affiliate commissions and if you want to, build a list for completely free!

Inside the members area of Easy Pi there are 10 over the shoulder videos that show you step by step how to use the Easy Pi method.

When I was watching through my review copy I actually picked up a few tips because the Easy Pi method is something that I have been using for a while now and getting great results and driving a ton of traffic towards my sites!

Alright so the Easy Pi method is about using video and product reviews to make quick commissions which turn into passive commissions because you only have to do the work once and profit for weeks and sometimes months afterwards!

Easy Pi is different from what I do in that I just settle for making the quick and easy commissions but with Easy Pi you will find out how exactly to make easy commissions and build a proven buyers list at the same time!

Easy Pi Review

Easy Pi Review


Now the Easy Pi method is not something new but it is something that I know that at least 80% of all affiliates do on a regular basis simply because it does not cost any money to set up, is very quick to create and really works!

Now you may even have seen a similar method to Easy Pi before but I can tell you that this is the most complete course on that particular method. I think the name Easy Pi actually came from the saying “As easy as pie”.

Alright so my overall Easy Pi Review is that if a full time school teacher can do this in his spare time and make as much extra money as he does then there is no reason that any beginner cannot repeat his success!

Also this method (the Easy Pi method) is one that I use and have used it in my high price coaching to get my students starting to see money in their affiliate accounts. So I know if you follow the step by step training in Easy Pi you will have success – no doubt!

There are only 3 OTO’s with Easy Pi – though of course the main product is enough. The OTO’s or Upsells just make things easier or add extra value!


OTO 1 is called   Easy Pi Upgrade

OTO 2 is called Easy Pi Coaching

OTO 3 is Reseller access (This just means that you can own Easy Pi and sell it as your own product)






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