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Easy Sales Pro has a completely blind sales page so you have no idea what you are buying which is something I dislike a lot…BUT luckily YOU have me!!

  I have just watched all the videos in the members area of Easy Sales Pro. The members area is very easy to navigate, you simply scroll down to the next video. I got Easy Sales Pro expecting it to be something that involves setting up niche sites or a traffic course but Easy Sales Pro is a list building course and a how to make money from your list. Slogan   Easy Sales Pro starts off very basic with the Introduction and the link to the secret Facebook group! The next videos in Easy Sales Pro are about getting your hosting and domain and Autoresponder. Even though they are recommending certain hosting and a certain autoresponder you will still be able to easily follow along.


members area

The next section of Easy Sales Pro is about creating your first funnel before driving traffic to it. This is a useful video and shows how easy it can be to create a beautiful high converting squeeze page with the use of LeadPages though other free tools can be used. LeadPages really are easy to use and if you sign up for a 30 day free trial you can mess around with it and create a load of squeeze pages!

The next section of Easy Sales Pro is about a very popular affiliate training program that converts like crazy. After that we are shown many other high converting products on Clickbank and also Clicksure later on in Easy Sales Pro. This was my favourite part and reminded me of when I am looking for a product to promote with PPC or to make a niche around! Easy Sales Pro really has you covered when it comes to choosing which products to promote!


members area2


As we all know people come up with new traffic sources everyday and today watching video number 5 of Easy Sales Pro I discovered a new one which I won’t mention but its not the kind of traffic that is new but rather the platform that I hadn’t heard of. Don’t worry though because Easy Sales Pro has you covered with another video(the last one, number 7) which is all about traffic and many varied traffic sources which you can use to build your email list!


  If you are a beginner I am sure you will get a lot of valuable information from Easy Sales Pro and it does have everything that is needed to start building your list and making affiliate sales!

Easy Sales Pro has only 1 OTO and it is my favourite kind of OTO which is a case study.

It is called The $2,300 Case Study.


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