Eclipse Review – Jono and Brendan Reveal Something I Wouldn’t Have!

Eclipse Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • This training could have been released as a high ticket product!
  • I learnt more from this than I did a 2k high ticket product!


  • There are a few parts in the training where Jono says do this but does not show you how SO I added in my own training that covers everything left out (SCROLL to the bottom to see)

Eclipse Review – A method that I have been trying to teach myself for 8 Months!


Hello Readers, Friends and Rockstar’s, Yep that is right, I have been trying to perfect this method that you will see inside of my Eclipse Review.

When I got my copy and started going through the training which is done by Jono Armstrong (and Brendan Mace), at first I was a bit disappointed as I have been trying to get the Eclipse method to work for a long time.

I even bought a high ticket training course for 2ooo Dollars to teach me the method which I will explain in a moment.

Eclipse Review

Eclipse Review


After buying this high ticket course I realized that they were not teaching exactly what I wanted and there was a no refund policy so I set out to perfect the Eclipse method and have been experimenting and testing ever since.

Then I watch a review copy that I didn’t pay for and everything that I needed to know or hadn’t figured out was right there…

So in a way I was a bit disappointed that I wasted 2k on a training and that the tweaks that I needed to do were shown to me by Jono, I adjusted 1 campaign and over 5 days got 140+ leads and 8 sales all thanks to another marketers list.

Eclipse Review

Eclipse Review


The Eclipse method is about using YouTube and Google ads to steal the traffic from other marketers, it’s all legal, just damn clever.

So let me explain in a bit more detail, most big marketers now make a review video to send there list to…now you may ask why does someone with a list of 50 or 100k even bother to make a review video?

Well if they just direct mail to their list an affiliate link then lots of people on that list will go looking for a review to see more about the product!

I have to admit that after watching Jono (Armstrong) setting everything up his way I started to pause the videos when he was logged into his ad account and zoom in and I could see that he has really been using this method.

Some of his stats and the results that I saw shows me that this is really worth doing and that I have not wasted the last 10 or more Months working to perfect this method and I can honestly say that I would have paid 2000 Dollars to get this training.

Eclipse and IG Money Tree and are my 2 favourite products this year…not related but real effort has went into both.

Anyway, Eclipse has in total 10 easy to follow training videos in the members area plus some free training that you can download.

There are 3 levels, there is the beginner method, the intermediate method and the advanced method.

I really liked that Eclipse was broken down like that, it means that you can take it at your own pace.

So how does Eclipse work?

Well like I said above these days marketers send their list to a review video but what Jono and Brendan have been doing is placing a special type of ad over the review video so that when someone goes to that video they will see your video instead.

Then when someone goes to watch the big marketers video you can redirect them to your own video.

That is the beginners method.

The intermediate and advanced videos show you how you can use a similar Google / YouTube ad to still redirect people away to your own video or website or even a bonus page but also build your retargeting list inside of Google ads or how to get people to buy through you and get them onto your list.

This may be slightly off topic for Eclipse but in less than 2 years Jono Armstrong is now a Super affiliate and is on almost every affiliate leader board that you look at and I think that is because he mastered paid ads.

I don’t normally ask people for help but I decided to ask Jono which type of ads I should be focusing on, as I really wanted to know if I was wasting so much time and money on Google / YouTube ads!

Eclipse Review

Eclipse Review – Personal Answer from Jono Armstrong!


This was before I got access to Eclipse.

You can see his answer above!

Trying to navigate Paid ads and learn yourself is very hard but having a very detailed training to follow takes all the guesswork out of it. Eclipse is something that I will be doing myself now, I have already seen the results from 1 small ad.

The idea with paid ads is to scale up but also know when to quit the campaign and after going through Eclipse I now know how to do it.

Its only the last 3 products from Jono and Brendan that I have reviewed.

I said before that I did not even bother to look at Brendan Mace and Jono Armstrongs products because they launch so often, softwares and training but after going through Eclipse and Aurora and Goodwill I have to give them major credit.

Their products are always new or well thought out and work!

I don’t say it lightly but Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace deserve all their success by bringing out products that really help people, in the case of Eclipse it will help me massively and anyone else who buys it…even some of their OTO’s or Upsells are just crazy value.

Eclipse Review

Eclipse Review


To say that I liked Eclipse would be a huge understatement…it was just what I needed and I know if anyone who tries this and really follows Jono and Brendan’s training will make money and be able to build a buyers list and make sales.

Inside Eclipse Jono shows you how to get coupon code’s so that you can get either free money to use or get 100 Dollars for every 20 that you spend.

The Eclipse training is incredibly detailed and to walk you through every step would take days, I will try to explain more in my video review above.

I almost forgot about this…Jono talks about using CHATBOTS in the advanced training but does not really explain how a CHATBOT works, so I added in a bonus for that as well!

My Final Eclipse review is that Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace have lifted the lid and created great honest and helpful product that anyone can follow and put into action and the power of what is being taught is usually kept for high ticket training!

The only negative that I could find was you need to have a YouTube channel for this method but Jono does not tell you how to do that.

He just takes it for granted that people will know SO check my bonuses below!


OTO 1 of Eclipse is a DONE FOR YOU! I have NEVER seen anything like this, for ONE year you get Done for you review videos, done for you video ads, done for you bonus page, done for you emails…. the complete package for all upcoming launches in 2019 and beyond…


OTO 2 is called Steal Our 3.8 Million List! This allows you to put your tracking pixel on their sales pages which will allow you to get 100’s of 1000’s of visitors and you can then add them to your retargeting or build a list from them.


OTO 3 is called the 1K Daily Hack! You can use their video ads together with a high ticket offer to make 1k sales and get their targeted ads.


OTO 4 is called the Eclipse Outsourcer! This a collection of 30 plus of the best channels to target that you can monetise by placing your ad over those channels, this will save you a lot of work!


Some really crazy OTO’s or upsells, I have not seen value like that in a long time!






Marc’s YouTube ranking and optimization Secret guide (I created this for my private high paying students but this is perfect for this product so I am adding it for now but may take it down)


Marc’s Secret Live recorded Video YouTube training (This is a 1 hour video that I made as a special bonus for another recent product, I took that down but am adding it here as I think it is vital to this product)


YouTube Channel SEO Factor (8 over the shoulder training videos on some of the latest channel methods so that your videos rank and that your channel becomes an authority channel FAST)


YouTube Channel Master (main course PDF + 10 HD videos. This goes over every detail on how to set up your YouTube channel so that you get the perfect channel that Google and YouTube will Love. Detailed step by step training and the video OTO included)


YouTube Live Training (main training and walk through + 21 detailed videos. Learn how to set up and create videos that will rank quickly and easily. Detailed training that I followed and got some great tips from!)


Online Ads Mastery (main course PDF – 24 HD videos that will teach you every type of online ads and how to use them. Including Instagram ads, YouTube ads, Google Display ads, LinkedIn ads and Facebook ads. This will help you a lot in setting up your Google and YouTube ads in beginner steps and show you how to expand your reach)


YouTube Marketing Hack (10 HD videos showing you some easy to implement and clever tricks to get quick and easy rankings on YouTube , don’t underestimate how important the small things are, a tweak here or there can change everything)


How to Explode Your YouTube Channel (This a 30 minute special training from Brendan Mace as he shows you how he went from opening a new YouTube channel to growing it to over 30k followers. Lots of things that I should be doing but am not. Great training by Brendan!)


10K Case Study (This 30 minute video shows you an exact case study of how Brendan make over 10k with a very small list and some extra little tweaks, clever and straight to the point)


Become a CHATBOT Master Overnight (10 main PDFs including niche specific OTOs / upsells that show you everything from not knowing what a Chatbot is to being able to create them or just use existing ones to your own advantage(


Instabuilder 2.0 READ carefully! (I CAN NOT send you Instabuilder 2.0, that would be illegal, but for the first 10 people I will install it on your website for you, then you will have it and can use it any way that you want!)




Get ALL The Bonuses Above For Eclipse By CLICKING HERE!




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