ECom Experts Academy Review

Recently I have been thinking about a new income stream for my business portfolio and eCommerce came to mind as I know of many people who are making big money with it, then through someone who bought a product from my site (and has now become my good friend, Richard you are a good man).



So Richard asked me to take a look at ECom Experts Academy and the moment that I looked at the course I knew that I had found my next income stream using ECom Experts Academy! Richard and myself will be brainstorming together to achieve maximum success.

So the actual product ECom Experts Academy has everything that you will ever need to know about making a successful Shopify business and eCommerce site online. My friend Richard has spent 8 hours and has still not managed to go over every video in ECom Experts Academy, when I was looking through the members area I went through as many videos as I could and have spent a good part of the day going through ECom Experts Academy but I still have a lot to learn but the learning is exciting because I can see how easy this will be and how much money I will be able to make!



Before watching the videos in the introduction about what Shopify is I didn’t have a clue what Shopify was, now I have a good grasp on what it is. The members area of ECom Experts Academy is laid out in a very easy to use and easy to follow way. I made the mistake of jumping to the Facebook ads part and realised that even though I know and use FB ads everyday I did not know how to use them like this.


I will say that the header in the sales page is a little misleading, make 270,000$ in 2 weeks. ECom Experts Academy is a very good course but I doubt that will be possible…but that is what sales pages are for I guess. Maybe you wont make 270,000$ in 2 weeks but if you put your heart and follow what is being taught then you will make money and a lot of it.



I like to warn people of anything that could stop them from making money with a product and the only thing I will say about ECom Experts Academy is that you will need about $100 to get started so if you don’t have that then I wouldn’t bother buying it unless you buy it and like me plan to implement when you have some extra time or money.


The great thing and what attracted me to ECom Experts Academy is that you don’t need to worry about list building or doing anything over technical. Any Techy things that you will need to learn in ECom Experts Academy are explained in short over the shoulder videos that anyone can follow. Then once you have your first site up and ready for business then all you have to is send traffic to it!

If you follow my reviews you will know that I hate long winded videos with idiots talking about themselves or just not getting to the point, luckily ECom Experts Academy is not like that. The videos are short and to the point and very easy to follow!



I was going to break down every video of ECom Experts Academy but there are just to many so I will tell you that in the members area there are main categories then sub categories.

For Example…Below are the Video steps in ECom Experts Academy

1. Understanding Shopify (4 videos)

2. Set up (6 videos)

3. Sourcing Products (10 videos)

4. Product Offers (9 videos)

5. Building a Brand (6 videos)

6. Page Optimisation (5 videos)

7. Sales Process (2 videos)

8. High FB ROI (9 videos)

Unlike many products that I have reviewed the members area in ECom Experts Academy doesn’t waste time with useless videos. The full course is jammed packed with step by step easy to follow real world use!

The last eCommerce product that I looked at came in at $998 (eCom Masters FBA) and I have went through that course and I can easily say ECom Experts Academy is just as good!

ECom Experts Academy is going to be new income stream and I will be starting next week but I will be making it a case study so that my regular readers can follow my progress and maybe even decide to try it for themselves! So Yes, ECom Experts Academy gets my approval and at the affordable price it just makes it even better!

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