eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review – Why This Training Course Surprised Me!


In my eCom NEW YEAR Domination review I will be brutally honest about eCom NEW YEAR Domination and the creator Jani G. No holds barred!

Alright so firstly Jani G a few years ago was releasing a lot of products every other week and I don’t think that you can maintain that level of product creation without losing a lot of quality!

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review (members area)


Then Jani kind of disappeared, no more launches, no more “Big Launches”, Why?

Well Jani went back to the drawing board and went down a different path which was testing traffic, making money, lots of money from eCom.

Now he is back with eCom NEW YEAR Domination and it a breath of fresh air with some really solid training which I will go into shortly.

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review (video training)


Usually I don’t review a lot of eCom products but I decided to give eCom NEW YEAR Domination a look and I am glad that I did.

I have been promising myself for about a year that I am going to get into eCom and have been going through a load of courses on eCom (some of the courses that I have cost Thousands of Dollars) but that is where I believe the future of online marketing lies!

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review


eCom NEW YEAR Domination is as good as many of the really high ticket eCom courses out there.

Just look below at some of the eCom courses that I have collected (not including the ones that I have stored in the cloud because they were all too big to download).

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review

eCom NEW YEAR Domination Review (My OWN collection of High ticket eCom courses)


Now even watching the video on the sales page of eCom NEW YEAR Domination explains more than some courses that I have looked at.

There are a few reasons that I liked and will add to my collection eCom NEW YEAR Domination –


  • Firstly it is very easy to follow.
  • You DO NOT need to spend any money signing up to Shopify.
  • eCom NEW YEAR Domination comes in PDF and plus 11 over the shoulder step by step videos.
  • There is an interview in eCom NEW YEAR Domination with Jani where he shows you how he made 5 Million Dollars…that’s a lot of money.
  • Jani gives you 4 money making products that are bringing him in Hundreds a day that you can just copy paste.
  • eCom NEW YEAR Domination shows you how to get set up and start making money within a few hours.
  • There is a free webinar that will show you everything in even more detail and you can ask as many questions as you want.
  • There is more value in eCom NEW YEAR Domination than in many high ticket eCom courses.


As Jani explains on the sales page video the eCom NEW YEAR Domination system involves finding the right product which he shows you how to do and then driving traffic to it from 3 main traffic sources.

Too many people over complicate eCom, and I have to include myself in that…but with eCom NEW YEAR Domination this is a totally quick and unique way to get started in the Trillion Dollar eCom niche.


OTO 1 is called eCom New Year Domination! – $114k Campaign (This is a massive amount of proven info that you can copy to start making money, big money quick)


OTO 2 is called eCom New Year Domination – EPL Coaching (Very cheap coaching that will push you that extra step and hold your hand if needed)





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