Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula Review

Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula Review

Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula is another product by one of the most successful Offline Marketers that there is today. Offline marketing does not mean that you have to running around the streets offering your services but offline marketing can be done completely from home through email.

This latest product Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula is very interesting as when choosing to go after certain clients if you choose one of the right niche of clients to go after then you will get to know what how to approach those people which can take a long time to nail down but with Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula Luther has already cracked the way to go after to after the “Handyman Niche”.

This is one of my favourite parts of Luther’s products is that he works out what makes the people in that niche click and goes ahead and explains his reason for targeting that niche and even shows you example emails that you can simply change a few details such as name and name of company and send.



Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula will also show you how to find the people in this niche so that you can start sending highly targeted and powerful emails to get yourself clients.

I own an offline business and when I am running it for some quick and easy money I still use the methods from Luther’s email series that you will get with Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula.

Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula includes a detailed plan of action that is done for you with a service plan for booking checks with Handymen and also includes some WordPress Software.

Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula is a solid product that can be used by beginners and more experienced marketers alike. Follow along with the plan in Effortless Handyman Consulting Formula and you will be seeing results very quickly!


OTO 1 is “Effortless Handyman Consulting Done-For-You Package”. This will save you a lot of time and effort.

OTO 2 is “Profit Hackers Membership EHC”. This is coaching and a look inside Luther’s inner circle.



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