Elite Money Machines Review

Elite Money Machines Review

Elite Money Machines is the latest product by Mark Barrett (King of blind copy sales pages) and Paul Prissick. I have to admit that I really was not sure not to expect with Elite Money Machines and after going through the actual member’s area I am started to see the possibilities.

Now firstly I am sure that the sales page says that you don’t need a list or any paid traffic but after watching the 9 videos it seems that Elite Money Machines is based around building a list and using solo ads so forgive me for being a touch confused…

Now everyone knows that having the bigger list, the better and having money to send quality traffic is great because you can have a good funnel in place thus building your list and making sales at the same time!!

Elite Money Machines Review


So back to Elite Money Machines…I did have to go through the videos twice and double check that the Elite Money Machines sales page actually matched the Elite Money Machines member’s area which it does (more in my video review).

Anyway so the first step is to send traffic to the early bird sign up so that you can separate your traffic so that when the actual product launches you will start getting a ton of sales, but of course you have to send some traffic to that page first either through building a small list or using solo ads!



Now there is a case study shown where the guys show how they were able to make over $2000 in 2 hours using a mix of a seed list and some free and paid traffic. If you don’t have the money to buy traffic, then you can of course use the free traffic methods inside 1 of the Elite Money Machines videos!

Soooo…I have to say that my review of this method is mixed. I think that it would be perfect for someone who has a small list of even 100 people even if they are from free traffic and also someone who knows a bit about affiliate marketing!


OTO 1 is “100 Of My Personal Hand Picked Bonuses For Your Promotions”

OTO 2 is “5 Fast New Ways To Get Unlimited Free Traffic To Your Filter Pages”




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