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I have just received a review copy of Email Cash Blueprint from Temper and what you will receive as your main product is an hour long video of Matt Bacak interviewing Temper Thompson who is big into Kindle but also product creation and list building and has released a few products that were very successful such as I believe that Email Cash Blueprint will be.



As well as the Email Cash Blueprint hour long video interview you will receive a PDF copy of the whole interview plus an MP3 copy of Email Cash Blueprint.

During Email Cash Blueprint Matt is interviewing Temper about the best ways to utilise your list and what to say to them to become loyal subscribers who will look forward to your emails. Temper has a small list in comparison to some people but he has a list of people who will trust him and buy what he says as he has built trust.

The amazing thing about Email Cash Blueprint and Temper is that Temper is only 17 years old. On the sales page of Email Cash Blueprint you will hear Matt explain about how Temper manages his list and proof that what he says is true.

It is not often that you get a no holds barred video of someone who makes over 10,000$ per month just from his small list talk and reveal everything about his little tricks and tactics that work and how he maintains such success. Email Cash Blueprint is a long video at 1 hour and normally if you have read my reviews you will know that I dont have the patience for such long videos but with the Email Cash Blueprint interview I sat and had a coffee and listened to the whole thing and was very impressed. It was nice to hear from someone so young who is in the position we all want to be in and also someone who has not been corrupted by the “Gurus” who very often package up crap and make a great sales page full of promises but deliver nothing!!



I have also heard that included in Email Cash Blueprint if you grab it quickly you will receive a free bonus about how to get set up with your list building efforts! This just backs up the quality that Temper wants to give his customers with Email Cash Blueprint. So a big shout out to the young Internet Marketer and I can safely say that you will enjoy the interview and get a lot out of it and be able to refer back to the PDF version of Email Cash Blueprint.

There are a few OTO’s which will really help you get to where you want to be much faster!! Now its up to you if you buy the OTO’s but after listening to the main Email Cash Blueprint I think you will be super motivated to use the OTO’s to get started on your own list building efforts!

OTO 1 is a 20k-Per-Month Cash Blueprint

OTO 2 is a ‘Done-For-You’ Email Cash Blueprint

OTO 3 is a ‘Done-For-You’ 20k-Per-Month Blueprint


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