Email Cash Machines 2.0 Review

I got a review copy and have spent the last few hours going through everything in the members area of Email Cash Machines 2.0. When you buy the product you will be sent a link so along with a password so that you can login and start working.

members area



This is no cheap 12 page PDF but a full working step by step members area where you have the first videos of how to get started and where then you just follow the next video then the next so that at no point will you ever be lost with Email Cash Machines 2.0. Every video in the members area in Email Cash Machines 2.0 is labeled and the sound quality is perfect! There is also a Facebook group for all members to go to discuss how they are getting on and help each other!

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If you have been in the IM game for a while you will have heard people saying that the money is in the list but starting to grow your own list without a coach or a good solid course is tough. That is where Email Cash Machines 2.0 comes in. It is a 5 video over the shoulder list building machine! Email Cash Machines 2.0 big selling point is that you can make over 490$ a day which is true as long as you have built your list correctly and that is what Email Cash Machines 2.0 does.

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The Email Cash Machines 2.0 course does not only have a 5 video course but also a PDF for people who prefer reading and what is most impressive are the case studies where you can see real examples of how and exactly what is being done!

I like the way Email Cash Machines 2.0 has these extras like a PDF for people who prefer to read through the method and the case studies which in my opinion you can learn so much from and I would buy them separately if I needed to, usually they are in an OTO but not this time so that gets a thumbs up!



Now what did I really think of Email Cash Machines 2.0? Well in the sales page they say that you press send and then you earn 490$, while this can be true you first have to build your list and Email Cash Machines 2.0 is a very solid course to follow and will cut down your learning curve by years and years and also show how to set up everything and what to do and what not to do.

With Email Cash Machines 2.0 by your side if you follow it you will start to build your list very quickly with the methods inside this course. All of the methods inside Email Cash Machines 2.0 are very easy to follow and can have to up and running in no time at all. If I was to begin again to start to build my lists to get the best open rates and Click throughs and sales then I would for sure follow Email Cash Machines 2.0 because I know that it will get you there quicker and easier than most of the other courses I have seen!



Another thing I also liked about this course is that it shows you how to treat the people on your list so that they learn to love and trust you which makes it even easier to promote quality products to them!

OTO 1 is a Done for you campaign that will take almost all the learning curve out of setting up your system (if you want to get started and be up and running in no time at all then this is a very worthwhile OTO)

OTO 2 is a VIP Mastermind which is basically everything done for you and set up so you don’t need to lift a finger (almost like a kind of coaching)


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