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Email Hero is a new product by my new friend Nathan Zad. Nathan is always on the top leader boards for affiliate sales and competitions….is that luck? Hell No!! Email Hero will have you seeing how easy you can get to the stage where you send out 1 email and make 1000’s of $$$$$.



Over the years Nathan has perfected his craft and explains it all to us in Email Hero which is a 1 hour 45 minute presentation. Now many of the big marketers have lists of 100,000 people and are happy to get a 5% open rate. Every Time Nathan sends an email he isnt happy unless it is over 50%….now that is a big difference and you can see why Nathan and Email Hero are worth listening to if you would like to get those kinds of results.

Email Hero is in a presentation style and flows along very easily for an almost 2 hour long presentation which will keep you hooked from the beginning and if you have any sense you will be taking a ton of notes though the presentation can be easily paused and rewound. I used VLC media player to watch and listen to the Golden Nuggets inside Email Hero.



I have quite a few lists and the one that is most important to me is the newsletter on this site and I have successfully coached 7 people to making their first sales online and now hopefully after going through Email Hero my open rates will go up and I will be able to help more people. That is what the list on this site is all about….helping people make their first sales or help them to stay focused to start making a full time income. I have even made some good friends through the list on this site!

So anyway back to Email Hero, what will you learn from this presentation is everything that Nathan uses to build and keep his list. Too many people burn out their lists by spamming them to death with affiliate offers.

As you can see below the members area of Email Hero is very organised and broken down into easy to watch videos. While as I already mentioned some of the videos are in a presentation style while some are completely over the shoulder. This is great when Email Hero and Nathan decide that they need to show you show you something rather than trying to explain it. As you know from reading my site I hate long winded videos full of fluff and the creator talking about how great he is and how much money he makes. I slammed a product by a very successful marketer a weeks ago after reviewing his product… matter how I looked at it there was not one bit of customer value. All we learned was that the creator had a big list and made a lot of money from it, he seemed to forget that we were there listening to him and just talked and talked about himself.

members area

I am of course glad to say that Email Hero is completely different and Nathan seems like a very decent, approachable successful but modest guy who it is a pleasure to learn from……I only say these things because they are true. If he was a self inflated arse I would tell you guys…

Email Hero will teach you about building trust by using stories to keep your audience interested and waiting for your next mail. Email Hero will teach you the Positioning Basics of every email. You will learn about the 10 day email sequence technique, you will learn about building authority with quality content, creating interesting and compelling subject lines so that your subscribers open your email as soon as it hits their inbox.

open rates


Email Hero will teach you about building engagement by asking questions and writing solid body content. There is 1 hour and 45 minutes of Golden nuggets that list builders will love to hear and it will make a difference to your success. I will be implementing many of the methods myself and I truly expect to see much higher open rates (just now I am about 20%) but would of course love to get that to over 50%.

If you are into list building and email marketing then make a nice drink and get comfy and get stuck into Email Hero and learn from someone who has been there and done it…

OTO 1 is “Swipes and Full ‘Magic Email’ Product” (this is full of email swipes, Done for you campaigns, templates and even a video course)

OTO 2 is “Authority Commissions Coaching” (this is top quality stuff. It is a 5 part video training where Nathan and Email Hero set up a review blog and have the emails to send to their list so that they can follow along and loads more, this is a great OTO)

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