Emergency Commissions Review

Emergency Commissions Review and Bonuses


So, by now you have probably got a lot of emails about Emergency Commissions, now read my Emergency Commissions review to see if it is a hit or dud! Emergency Commissions is brought to us by the Chromabit team which consists of Desmond Ong and Henry Gold.

Now there is no doubting that these guys as well as being Best Selling Authors and Internet Millionaires really know how to create new and explosive products. Firstly, I will tell you what I didn’t like about Emergency Commissions. Now on the sales page it doesn’t tell you what you will be doing and if you read my site you will know that I am not a fan of Blind Sales pages.

Emergency Commissions Review

Emergency Commissions Review


With that being said Emergency Commissions is a method that is in my opinion one of the quickest and most fool proof ways to make money online and EVERY successful Online Marketer does it. I can’t think of one very successful marketer who does not use the Emergency Commissions method in one way or another!


Now normally I would tell you exactly what the method is but it really would give away too much of the method, but what I will say is that the Emergency Commissions method works and is easy to set up (though in my opinion may require a little more work than 17 minutes of work) …

Now what I do like a lot about Emergency Commissions is that the training is very thorough, there is a PDF “Blue Print” that can be easily copy and pasted to help you get started. There is a whole Step by Step HD video training that is perfect for complete beginners up to the more experienced marketer. I took away a lot of handy tips from Emergency Commissions.


Here are the 7 Main Video Modules Below…


Module 1 – Emergency Commissions Copy-N-Paste Blueprint 2.0
Module 2 : 17-Minute Emergency Cash Set-up
Module 3 : Choose High-Converting Affiliate Cash For Immediate Cash
Module 4 : Emergency Massive Free Traffic Formula
Module 5 : Penny Clicks Strategies 2.0
Module 6 : Seduction Secrets to Attract $200 to $500 Per Day
Module 7 : 17-Minute Cash Cow Workweek


Emergency Commissions Review

Emergency Commissions Review


With the training that you will get everything laid out from basic set up to the best way to get free targeted traffic and even more important how to grow your business from $200 a day to as much as you want depending on how much time you put into your business.

I know that somewhere on the sales page of Emergency Commissions it says that all you need is a few minutes a day to keep making $200 plus but I have never found any business online that is as simple as spending a few minutes a day BUT if you follow the training provided in Emergency Commissions and put in a bit of extra time and keep pushing then you will easily be able to grow this too a job replacing income!

If you are looking for a system that can make you money in a day or two that is packed full of easy to understand training that can be grown very quickly into a full time business then I would recommend trying Emergency Commissions!

There a few OTO’s but the main training is everything you would need, the OTO’s just speed up the process and make it even easier to explode your earnings with Emergency Commissions!


OTO 1 -Done-For-You Emergency Commission Machine 2.0

OTO 2 – Unlimited Emergency Traffic Machine 2.0

OTO 3 -Emergency Commissions (1-On-1 Consultation)






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