Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review

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So I had overlooked Evergreen Affiliate Profits due to other commitments but after going through the whole course plus the OTO’s…here is my Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review!

Now Evergreen Affiliate Profits is created by a new marketer who I had not heard of before and the reason that I overlooked her product was because this was the first product that she has released but a few of my readers started asking me about my opinion of Evergreen Affiliate Profits so I looked at the sales page and was glad to find that this was not some blind sales copy promising some push button riches…this looked like the real deal!

Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review

Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review


Now Evergreen Affiliate Profits is about creating quick and short videos in a certain niche (the dog training niche) and using a certain affiliate network to promote products through using your videos which are explained very easily how to make or if you are a bit lazy how to outsource them.

Now not only would Evergreen Affiliate Profits work in the Billion Dollar a year dog niche but it would also work in any highly searched for niche such as health or wealth or relationships! Now the person who put together Evergreen Affiliate Profits is called Kristie Chiles and she tells her story very quickly in the video on the sales page.

Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review and Bonus

Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review and Bonus


Kristie has been using this exact method since 2009 after failing online for a long time and has grown her business into something that has allowed her to quit her day job completely and work in the same niche making a full-time income.





After reading and watching the course I decided to research how many eCom stores sell doggie products and that is when I realised how huge this market is. Now I have a beautiful 7-year-old American Stafford who is a major part of the family and over the years I have spent $1000’s of $$$$ on everything from collars to toys.


Anyway, back to my main point, Evergreen Affiliate Profits and my review of it has really made me think about starting my first eCom store in the Doggie niche (something I have been learning and working on for Months, and no, Evergreen Affiliate Profits has nothing to do with eCom though with a few twists you could easily sell anything from the videos that Kristie shows us how to make)

Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review

Evergreen Affiliate Profits Review


So now quickly what do you get with Evergreen Affiliate Profits. Well the main product is a 48-page PDF that is easy to follow with clear instructions of everything that Kristie has used to build her job replacing income!

There are a few OTO’s of course. Normally I don’t give so much information about the OTO’s but I think that they are all great and with even 1 of them you will be making more money in no time!


OTO 1 of Evergreen Affiliate Profits – IN-DEPTH “VIDEO” COURSE UPGRADE

Hundred Dog Training Tips – (DFY content)

Dog Potty Training FULL eBook (DFY content)


OTO 2 of Evergreen Affiliate Profits – KEYWORDS UPGRADE

50 – DFY Written Product Reviews (tied to 50 Clickbank dog affiliate products) 25 – List of Amazon dog related affiliate products

46 – Dog Obedience Keywords

200 – Dog & Puppy Training Keywords


OTO 3 of Evergreen Affiliate Profits – BOOTCAMP UPGRADE

25 – DFY Review VIDEOS (over 1 min each, tied to 25 Amazon related affiliate products) (BOOM!)

565 – DFY dog training articles

45 – DFY dog related web images (with PSD source file)

795 – Dog Grooming Keywords

131 – Dog Training Keywords

PLUS ALL the other bonuses from all upgrades





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