Evergreen Passive Income Review

Evergreen Passive Income Review

**UPDATE – Currently This Product Is Unavailable! 

Evergreen Passive Income is the latest product from Rob Cornish which teaches you in this detailed video course how to earn an Evergreen Passive Income from affiliate marketing. Now why is Evergreen Passive Income different from other similar methods???

Well firstly most courses that teach about affiliate marketing either focus on list building or promoting big IM launches which while may work most of the time can be something that takes up a lot of time and once the product launch is over then all the work you have done for the launch is for nothing…but with Evergreen Passive Income, Rob shows you how you can promote other products (still in the IM niche) and make that Evergreen Passive Income that the sales page shows!

Evergreen Passive Income Review

Evergreen Passive Income Review


Now Evergreen Passive Income does not teach about making videos or small niche sites to try to get sales for the next shiny object product that is coming out but rather Evergreen Passive Income shows us about looking at the longer affiliate game which will start to bring you in almost complete passive income, meaning that all you will have to do is do a little maintenance work to keep the sales coming in and help your business and sales grow and grow!



Now inside the member’s area of Evergreen Passive Income (as shown on the sales page) are 10 detailed videos that walk you through the correct way that you should be doing affiliate marketing and how to get everything set up and also there are 2 very helpful traffic videos, the traffic videos are not the usual Facebook ads and the other popular methods that we are constantly being shown to drive traffic rather Evergreen Passive Income shows you a more long term strategy!

Evergreen Passive Income Review

Evergreen Passive Income Review


What Rob is teaching in Evergreen Passive Income works in any niche and is based completely on his own experience and results, actually this method and product is more a method based around a case study, which in my eyes is always a lot better because you know that the methods are actually working right now and have been working for a long time.

There is a lot of real nuggets to be picked up from Evergreen Passive Income and I am sure that this will make the way you think about affiliate marketing and online marketing in general change a lot and may even give you a new path to follow that you had not thought of before going through Evergreen Passive Income with Rob!


OTO 1 of Evergreen Passive Income is “Aff Prog Database + Conversion MAX”

OTO 2 of Evergreen Passive Income is called “High Converting & Recurring Aff Prog Database”



Everything you need is included in the main product Evergreen Passive Income but the 2 OTO’s will really give you a huge jump start… Evergreen Passive Income has taught me a lot and will help me to grow my business the right way.



Evergreen Passive Income Review – This is a solid video training course that is perfect for beginners and more experienced marketers who either want to start in affiliate marketing or want to grow their current business without needing to create a product or build a list or make videos…basically all the normal methods that we see day in and day out…. Evergreen Passive Income is a new take on affiliate marketing by someone who is doing what he is teaching!!



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