Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • This training could have easily sold for 1000 to 5000 Dollars!
  • If you follow this I really find it hard to see why how you can not succeed!
  • Also there is an automation software that has just been added for the first 1400 people who buy. Ive made sure that 40 are kept for my readers!


  • As you may have noticed I always rank highly, higher than Greg or Stefan SO I am going to give you hours of my own training PLUS a complete done for you system PLUS a huge Pinterest package that shows you things that not even the guys behind this training don't show!

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review – A Highly Refined Method That Really Does Cover ALL Angles and Niches!


Hi Friends and Readers, In my Evergreen Traffic Academy Review I want to see if this is the same as previous products such as Bloggii (which I am giving away as a bonus) by the same vendors, Stefan and Greg or if this is better or worse.

It took me about 4 hours to go through all of Evergreen Traffic Academy. The main course consists of 61 videos over 7 modules which is a lot of training.

Evergreen Traffic Academy may be a lot of training but it is very good and I know that the vendors are using the methods.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review – Chatting with Stefan


I speak to Greg regularly as he has been advising me on my YouTube Channel and how to grow it.

I also recently met with Stefan in Portugal and we chatted a lot about how Greg has been killing it with the Evergreen Traffic Academy method (and also that it was rubbish that Greg could not make it).

So the reason that I have been speaking to Greg a lot is that when he needed help with SEO related issues I advised him a lot, I actually made a video for him giving him my best advice.

I guess that besides Greg being one of the nicest guys online he wanted to repay the favor and I have to say that he is taking YouTube by storm and within a few Months has 100,000’s of views and a almost 10k subscribers all by using what is being taught inside of Evergreen Traffic Academy.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review


Greg is also ranking on the first page of YouTube for the keyword “Make Money Online” which is amazing. Just think how much traffic that is going to bring you and this is just a taste of what is in Evergreen Traffic Academy.

When I say that if you really follow along with Evergreen Traffic Academy you can not fail I really 100% mean it.

Now I know that many people especially the Wealthy Affiliate Monkeys who bash every product that they see then slip in their WA affiliate link will be saying “This is just a rehash of their other Pinterest course”.

Well to that I say…wrong! Evergreen Traffic Academy is the latest results from what Greg has been doing over the last 2 months.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review


Now does Evergreen Traffic Academy mention Pinterest?

Yes it has 11 videos on Pinterest because the traffic source works and also Pinterest have recently changed their TOS.

How do I know that?

Well I went to Stefan’s presentation in Portugal and he revealed a lot about his favourite traffic source which you can see inside of Evergreen Traffic Academy.

Now to say that Evergreen Traffic Academy is about Pinterest would be totally wrong.

Evergreen Traffic Academy is about combining your money site with SEO and Pinterest and YouTube and building your list.

The way that Greg has everything set up means that he has multiple reliable traffic sources all sending him sales and building his list at the same time.

Evergreen Traffic Academy is selling for about 14 Dollars, as someone who has bought many 1000 to 5000 Dollar training courses I can easily say with absolute certainty that Evergreen Traffic Academy could have been sold for at least 1000 plus Dollars.

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review

Evergreen Traffic Academy Review


If you are a beginner then this is a great place to start.

If you are an advanced marketer then this will have your head popping with new ideas on how to grow your business and double or triple your revenue.

I honestly tried to find a negative in Evergreen Traffic Academy but I just could not!

The only thing that I can help you get more from Evergreen Traffic Academy is by providing bonuses that help with the SEO part (Just look at any of my reviews and you will see me in the top 2).

There is also a part about niche selection that I can expand on that will make that part of Evergreen Traffic Academy easier.

Soooo, my final Evergreen Traffic Academy Review is that this a course that could have been sold for Thousands of Dollars and provides more value than I have seen in a while.

I also like that Greg and Stefan (though mostly Greg) are using these exact methods right now to build their business!

There are only 4 OTO’s or Upsells…one of them is resell rights which has nothing to do with the training.



OTO 1 of Evergreen Traffic Academy is a set of case studies that will give you a lot more ideas and show you money being made and how exactly! (Personally I really like case studies)


OTO 2 of Evergreen Traffic Academy is a Done for you complete upgrade! (If you are stuck for time this will speed up your success)


OTO 3 of Evergreen Traffic Academy Reseller rights!


OTO 4 of Evergreen Traffic Academy is a complete done for you website with everything ready to go!







Vendor Bonuses Below (some of the bonuses are already in the members area including a software that the first 1000 buyers get for free)


Bloggii (A training that is still selling about using how to turn $5 into $100 over and over)


Tidal Wave Traffic ( Another course that is still selling that shows a completely different traffic source)


Now My Carefully Selected Bonuses Below From My Own Private Collection!


8 Hours of advanced SEO training by Marc (Me) (This includes me walking you through my business step by step and showing you everything I do to rank so highly. With this you can watch my Live case studies and set up your site so that you instantly have a huge advantage over anyone else doing this training)


Marcs advanced case studies and advanced training on different Traffic Sources by Me  (In this training I am going to show you 3 advanced case studies by me on how I was able to make over 1000 plus Dollars from 1 product and 1 post with no list and also show you the advanced training that I use to drive even more traffic. Includes Youtube and Facebook)


Marcs complete done for you Package (Which includes 15 high quality products that you can use for your own education or giveaway as bonuses. I also include a product and niche selector that you can use in any niche to find digital products that match the 90+ niches. Lastly I am also including a HUGE graphics pack plus a 7 day ranking plan)


Marcs Personal Pinterest Package (It took me and my VA 4 days to put this package together which includes everything that you could ever need to know about Pinterest including getting free software and Chrome extensions. Includes 5 PDF’s and 10 videos. This will make you an expert on Pinterest)


PinNicheBoost (9HD videos that are updated for 2019 Pinterest TOS. These walk you through the various niches that people over look and show you everything that you need to grow and make money from your Pinterest accounts)


ClickBar Premium (Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a scarcity bar, with click able button and countdown timer on any of your posts.)


3 Full YouTube Trainings (These are 3 Full trainings that show you tips and tricks not in this training. Includes ALL upsells. Multiple PDF’s and over 35 videos that explain every detail not in this training)



As You Can See I Am NOT Giving You 100 Worthless Bonuses. All Of The Bonuses above were created by me For You – Get Everything Above By Clicking Here!





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