EverGreen Video System Review

EverGreen Video System – The Long-Lasting Video Approach

If you have been reading my site you will know that I know a lot about video marketing and used to make a full time income from it and still have videos bringing me in affiliate sales. Video has become very popular for promoting products and the reason for that is creating a video is much easier than creating a website. book cover   With video you don’t need hosting, or a domain or much SEO and Google loves YouTube so it is very easy to get a video to rank highly but there is one problem that Derek Allen brings up in his new product EverGreen Video System and that is that in order to make a set it and forget video you really need to find evergreen niches. If you are promoting a CPA offer for an iPhone 6 then that will last only as long as the offer is available so you can find yourself creating a lot of videos everyday to keep up.

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slogan2   Well EverGreen Video System has come up with a solution to that problem and it is described very well in a  6 module video course. The modules in EverGreen Video System are very easy to follow with the over the shoulder style which I love to watch as you see what is happening and can follow along very easily! slogan1   Many of the modules there was not a lot for me to learn but that is because I have been using video for a long time and can rank most videos in a matter of days, sometimes hours but I must admit that I learnt a lot in the course EverGreen Video System that surprised me and made me think about starting to create some new videos myself for an extra income stream as once the videos that are taught in EverGreen Video System are created they will bring you in a good steady profit for a long time to come!

Module 1 is a detailed roadmap explaining the benefits of the EverGreen Video System (very good first module)


Module 2 is about building the foundation which every good business should have and also how to build your one and only site that you will need. You will need a domain and hosting for this!


Module 3 is all about niches and keywords and why it is so important to pick the correct affiliate site and why this will help you get to page 1 of Google with both your site and videos! (if you buy from my site I will be throwing in many bonuses and 1 of them is my own product “The Golden Niche List WSO”


Module 4 is about content and SEO. Remember Google loves new content and these days a few well written articles are more important than 500 backlinks. (if you buy from my site I am happy to share which SEO I use for my sites and videos)


Module 5 is about video creating which many people over complicate. The method that is suggested in EverGreen Video System is to use Camstudio which is a completely free and easy to use screen capture software!


Module 6 is about ranking your site and videos so that you have both on the first page of Google and the best way to monetise them!

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There are a few OTO’s…

OTO 1 is the Video Script Source – Video Script Templates. (well worth the money if you are going to be taking this course seriously)

OTO 2 is the Video Script Source Intensive

OTO 3 is the Video Script Source V.2 PRO (this will really help you to speed things up and in my opinion is the best OTO)

OTO 4 is Viddy Clicks – The Simple Way To Get More Clicks And More Sales From Your Videos. (interesting OTO, EverGreen Video System is one product with lots of great OTO’s and I never say this normally but all the OTO’s are worth the money and if you are serious about getting to full time income fast and have the money to spare then if it was me I would buy them all)

Overall EverGreen Video System is a great product and different from so many other video products out there. This is not just about building and ranking a few videos but is a complete BluePrint about building a complete life time business. I will be using many of the techniques included in the full EverGreen Video System and OTO’s.
  Every now and again I get to review a product that stands out from the others and EverGreen Video System is most definitely a full BluePrint and business in a box!

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