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Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 is out and people are asking me about it, 26 emails today, so I just had to get a review copy! Now if you follow my site you will know that I have reviewed many “Tube” products recently so rather than comparing them to the others I will be reviewing Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 from a completely impartial review point but with my usual no B.S approach.



So as we all know YouTube is huge at the moment and making money with YouTube is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get going online these days. The release of Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 reminds us that you can start with a very small budget or even no budget if you can follow basic instructions. 

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They tell me that YouTube is the future and that in 10 years information Websites like mine will be no more, but I can’t believe that. Too many people still like reading the written word. I have made a lot of YouTube videos as I used to use very similar techniques that are in Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 and I know that they work and work well and one of the great things is that you can make videos in any niche and you don’t have the hassle of maintaining a Website or learning to build one…



Now I know that I said that I would not compare Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 to any other YouTube products but one thing that I really liked about Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 was that it is teaching you how to make and rank videos that will stay up and ranked for a long time, other courses teach you how to rank a video and get a few months of traffic to it but not Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 and that is my favourite part of this product…

Now down to the actual product Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0. The main product is a 50 page PDF that is as step by step as you can get with plenty of diagrams which I really like and think it helps the new marketer LOADS!!



So Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 starts with the method right away, we don’t get to hear how many Children the creators have or what their favourite colour is or listen to how poor they used to be…I call this “Fluff and Filler” and I am glad to say that Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 jumps right in.

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The first section of Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 is kind of what you would expect and need. You will learn how to select the products that are evergreen, meaning that someone will always be looking for that product which is great and they have concentrated on Clickbank (I recently released a product called “The Golden Niche List” which finds Clickbank products, niches and keywords and if you buy Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 through my site that will be just one of the Bonus Products that you will receive – see at the end of review).

Now even though you are being shown how to find and promote Clickbank products with Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0, with the methods detailed in this product you will learn how to rank a video for any affiliate product or CPA offer.

Basic Formula Below from the Product!



I think that they used Clickbank as the main example because you don’t need approval to promote Clickbank products but with CPA you do and also there are 1000’s of niches to choose from in Clickbank and all are evergreen products so you can make a video, rank it, and forget about it and in years unless something really drastic happens that video will still be bringing you in money on complete autopilot! Pretty amazing really…

So after product selection there is a very detailed keyword section which is better taught than in many bigger products that I have seen. After that it gives you a very detailed and clever way to create your video (or outsource if you prefer), then something that many people don’t know which is the correct way to upload your video, you may be thinking don’t I just press upload?? Well no, this is where everything can go wrong but Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 explains this part very well.



Then after you have done the above you will learn about how to optimise your video, what to write and where and you will learn about using social media and SEO to keep your video up on the top of the search engines for years to come. 

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There is one small thing that was not mentioned, well it is but I use another method which I find quicker and that is getting natural views so that the search engines pick up on your video and see that it is getting lots of interaction and love which is a must to get ranked. Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 shows a very clever method that involves social media but if you want things to go a bit faster than I recommend using Vagex

Extreme Tube Sniper 2.0 is a solid product that I can happily recommend!

I must admit that I went into this review looking for faults but besides one or two details that are different this is almost exactly how I have ranked and made money from my video marketing campaigns and I still have videos making me money that I haven’t looked at in over a year!! My first product was even about video marketing.


OTO 1 is a Clickbank Case Study Videos and DFY Keyword research for 10 Products (I have watched the video and looked through the package and it is great quality)

OTO 2 is a DFY package (10 keywords with product to promote, video scripts format that convert crazy, 10 ready made videos, and a squeeze page bundle)

I have looked through Both OTO’s and they are very well priced and of good quality and will save you a load of time and speed up your learning hugely!





As a Bonus for you I have over 18,000$ worth of NEW Bonus Products – Including 2 Video Creation Softwares

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Video Spinner Software (complete software – user instructions – 20+ MP3 music files)

60 Seconds Backlink in a Box (detailed PDF course – affiliate programs PDF – backlinks simplified PDF – autoresponders PDF – PSD files – sales page – squeeze page – squeeze PSD – WP Theme)



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******READ ME – I have many great 2015 BONUS PRODUCTS so if you see a set of Bonus Products on another review You Would rather have just email me and I will send them over!

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