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Revealed…The Fastest Way to $1k per Month Online

Paul Nicholls has just sent me over a review copy of his latest product Fastest way to $1k per month. Fastest way to $1k per month is presented in a slide show style over 5 videos from 7 to 25 minutes in length. I was a bit surprised that Paul did not use the over the shoulder style as this is much better to see what is going on. In essence this is 5 videos of Paul talking while we look at a white screen.


proof   Paul tells us in the Fastest way to $1k per month how successful and great he is and tells us that he did it by building a list and building his own product (and now his membership site which he of course promoted). Though he then goes on to tell us that we shouldn’t try doing this ourselves until we have had success with another form of Internet Marketing. One of the videos is not just a white screen but Paul lists multiple methods that we can use to start making money like CPA, affiliate sites, Clickbank etc.with absolutely no specific or even general instructions…


The Fastest way to $1k per month is not step by step but rather a general idea of listening to Paul chatting about his success and some general ideas that could make you money. Im sorry Paul but this was a complete waste of time. Yes you are great but please take a long look at your new product Fastest way to $1k per month and tell us again that this is step by step and that any newbies will get anything from it besides the link to your membership site and the honour of listening to your voice…and yes we know you are great and very successful. I really wish I hadn’t got a review copy because if I hadnt I wouldnt have to have reviewed Fastest way to $1k per month.



Unsurprisingly there are 6 OTO’s to the Fastest way to $1k per month.which I didnt even waste my time going into!

If you do decide to buy this then I will of course provide bonus products.

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