FB Lead Control Review

FB Lead Control is a new Facebook product that goes into massive detail about getting leads through Facebook. I use FB ads almost daily and thought that my conversion rates were quite good until I went through FB Lead Control.



FB Lead Control was created by Jeff David Larsson who really is an expert Facebook marketer. Companies from all around the World are looking to hire Jeff so that he can manage their FB ads and what he has shown in FB Lead Control is in my opinion a real business changer.

I actually noticed a small few lines at the end of one of the Modules in FB Lead Control where Jeff says to contact him if we want a custom FB ad set up, this is not part of FB Lead Control but it was just in his signature but I will be contacting him because the skills this guy has to do with Facebook are amazing..



Anyway back to FB Lead Control. This is a 6 Module video course that goes into insane details. If you are using FB ads at the moment then trust me you should get FB Lead Control. If you are new and looking for highly targeted leads then you should not miss out either.

One of the main things that is taught in FB Lead Control is how easy it can be to build a cheap targeted list in any niche which makes it great if you have…for example a Fitness site and need more clients. You send them to your site and also collect their emails so that you can market to them again and again.



Maybe I love this course so much because already the first $10 campaign that I ran for a certain post on this site brought me in 9 sales which is a huge ROI and I know as I test out more of what is in the FB Lead Control video course the better my conversations. I am even thinking of using the list building technique that Jeff shows us in FB Lead Control. In the past I would never have considered using FB ads to build my lists but seeing the laser targeted lists that are shown by Jeff in FB Lead Control really makes me think.


The traffic being taught in FB Lead Control is so laser targeted that I could build a list for CPA marketers, Freelancers or affiliate marketers, this way I wouldn’t be sending general offers to a general MMO list but would know that every offer or review they would be interested in..

FB Lead Control will teach you more than I can write here but you will learn the basic over view of this system which will show you the blueprint from where to start to what your outcome will be. Learn about creating a bribe so that your traffic just can not resist you (this is a great part about building your list). How to create an amazing 80% optin page, this is a full copy paste template.



FB Lead Control will teach you how to super optimize your actual ads (I have already tried this and had great success). You will be walked through this process in an over the shoulder video style and learn all the do’s and dont’s. Probably 1 of the greatest things is that you will learn when to ditch an ad or when to change it within minutes so that you never waste precious money ever again. There is a reason that Jeff is one of the best when it comes to FB ads and that is because everything he teaches works…

My overall conclusion is that even though not so many copies of FB Lead Control have been sold, if you want to build a list, get the most targeted leads possible or just learn everything there is to know about Facebook then you should GRAB FB Lead Control NOW!!

OTO 1 is about retargeting(which is included in the main course FB Lead Control but this takes it to a whole new level…very worth the money!

OTO 2 is one on one coaching. The chance to talk to the best and ask what you need to do and get the help that you need so that you can have all your questions answered!

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