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[FB Software App] 95% Open Rate, 86% CTR $783 from NON BUYERS

FB Notification PRO is a new web based software by Brett Rutecky so I knew from the start that this must be good. Brett is an experienced app and software developer and always says how it is. Brett’s FB Notification PRO is not only a web based software but also a built in Autoresponder so technically for the one time payment of FB Notification PRO you would be able to start to build your list without the monthly costs. Logo   FB Notification PRO also can be integrated with the major autoresponders so no problem there. FB Notification PRO allows you to create custom sign up buttons so that when they are clicked the persons email is captured and they are redirected whichever page you want to send them to. Maybe your website or an Affiliate offer.

Having a huge list is a great thing but these days trying to build a large responsive buyers list is tough. People give you false emails, report spam and the autoresponders themselves can be very fussy about what you can and can’t send. FB Notification PRO takes all that away. When someone clicks the custom Facebook button their main Facebook email is captured by FB Notification PRO. Members area   Not only is FB Notification PRO a one time payment to be able to build your list you can also send out a broadcast to the people on your list which will appear as a notification on the top right hand side of their Facebook page. We all know that almost everyone when they log into Facebook the first thing that they click is the little red notification icon and that is where your FB Notification PRO sends your broadcast or new message.

I should also mention that inside the members area you have a drag and drop landing page designer. Once you have designed your custom Facebook button or Landing page the FB Notification PRO will give you the code to either have it on Facebook or to have it on your website.

123step   I reviewed a slightly similar Plugin recently but that has nothing on FB Notification PRO. For the cost to get into the members area you have an autoresponder and your landing pages are hosted through FB Notification PRO. Also there are NO OTO’s. Just the main Product FB Notification PRO. This is a one of a kind software but I would expect nothing less from Brett. Think of how safe your list will be and think of how easy it will be to get people’s real email that they use everyday and I haven’t even mentioned the open rates…




  1. Marc (Post author)

    Can you email me with a bit more info and I will do my best to answer your question….



  2. Agaba

    Hello, can you market the landing and squeeze pages created with this software using facebook ads lets say you have no subscribers yet

  3. admin (Post author)


    I have just sent an email from my Business email [email protected]. If you don’t get that you should change email providers…

    But really if you don’t get it I will post a modified version of what I sent to you multiple times! Maybe others would benefit from it….


    PS. Post here if you get it!

  4. Berny

    Thank you so much for responding to this Marc, no, I never received any emails back from you, I received nothing at all. I was actually quite devastated as you were helping me so much.

    I use Thunderbird and I have no “spam” “junk” folder that I can see at all, just Googled it and got no answer to where it is. Cannot even find a contact for them to ask. I don’t know how else I can locate these emails.

    I’ve never had this issue before, and believe me I’m not afraid of blunt, blunter the better buddy – might sink into this newbies head that way – I won’t get offended! Not sure how I can get these emails, your first responses were in your comments, then I received your next email or two, then nothing after my last 2 replies….


  5. admin (Post author)

    Hi Berny,

    I emailed you back the same day, then a day later I sent you another email with a book about arbitrage. The first email was very blunt so I wont post it here. The second was an eBook I own about arbitrage.

    Please check your spam as they were delivered, I checked. I always reply the moment I get an email. I have just forwarded both emails again and as there were some…lets say private info and a very blunt email on your mindset I would rather not post it here!

    If you can’t find both emails then let me know here.



    PS. Copy Paste Hack is still here and still being bought. It wasent listed under CPA(though it is now) because Desmond talks mostly about Clickbank so it was under Clickbank products and traffic Products

  6. Berny

    Hi Marc

    Firstly, thank you so much for the 10 ebooks you so kindly sent to me; I’m really appreciative. I hope you enjoyed an awesome day at the beach too.

    Secondly, my sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I spent every minute I had for a couple of days “after work” devouring the info in the 10 ebooks, thinking I must email Marc and thank him; sorry I got a little engrossed. Learnt things from some of them too.

    Spent the rest of an extremely busy week at work and home contemplating Copy, Paste, Hack…. I went back to your website and under the category of CPA Marketing I couldn’t see your review even, I had to use the search bar to find it. Have you stopped promoting it please, or is it in another category?

    Marc, to be entirely honest I am scared, if not petrified, of PPC; I’ve heard some horror stories of people losing everything paying for traffic because they do not have the necessary experience. I am not fully convinced that the course will provide enough coupons for free “paid” traffic on Bing, without having to put a lot of money in personally?

    I just spent ages going through your categories, but unfortunately I came out with information overload, so I thought why not ask Marc himself what he recommends. I am finding it difficult to get rid of the scarcity factor that Desmond Ong talks about in the free mindset video you provided.

    What I’ve realised about myself over the past few years through trying to make money on-line is that:

    1. I am not a blogger.
    2. I am not “super” technical but I can follow instructions; I am computer literate, although I’m using
    Windows 8.1 now and hate it!
    3. I like the concept of CPA but not with PPC to start – scarcity sets in.
    4. I’m nowhere near ready to create my own product.

    As you promote so many products, I’m confused about which one is right for me! Do you have any advice please, which would be greatly appreciated.

    On a more personal note, what an interesting life you’ve led – albeit you are only 35. I had to laugh at myself when you sent me a link to your “about me” page; I should have known to go there, I just wasn’t thinking. Then I laughed even more when in your email you talked about your beautiful fiancee and “Amstaff” which I thought was an unusual name for your daughter! Then I went to your page and it’s your dog (sorry I know now that she is an American Staffy – please excuse me for I am used to our blue heelers here in Australia!) Marc, I don’t have a website or an about me page, so to fill you in, I’m a 55 year old, married, full-time working mother of one heck-of-an-active 16 year boy, owner of 3 horses, two dogs, and we run a 5 acre property here in country South Australia.

    Apologies for the long email, but it’s from the heart, and the mind, and in a state of confusion + overload! I just don’t know where to start without it costing me an “arm and a leg” in PPC! I know that any course I start with will not lead me to where I want to be straight away; I know it will take many years of “taking action” and “learning”. I think your saying is great! and I will be happy to do the “hard yards” to get there, as we say here in Australia.

    Cheers and have an awesome day!

    P.S. I did email you this but had no response so I thought maybe I need to post it here. Hope I did the right thing.

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