FB Vidmatic Pro Review

FB Vidmatic Pro Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • Powerful software that will give a lot of people the chance to make real money from real sites!


  • I tested and tested and played around with this and had no problems!

FB Vidmatic Pro Review

I got early access to FB Vidmatic Pro, a new software. Check out my full FB Vidmatic Pro Review and see what I thought after a lot of testing!

Now the first thing that excited me about FB Vidmatic Pro is that I have never reviewed software like this and I had a lot of fun testing it out. I even uploaded FB Vidmatic Pro to a spare domain that I am saving for products and sales pages to play around with it.

FB Vidmatic Pro Review

FB Vidmatic Pro Review

The first thing that I noticed about FB Vidmatic Pro is the sheer power of the software.

Now to put it simply what FB Vidmatic Pro does is once set up you click a few buttons and it lists every video with that tag from Facebook and uploads them automatically to your blog or site.

You then have the choice to choose from multiple “Call to Action” Buttons which you can change the writing on and have it placed in front of your videos (well not really your videos but the videos that you pulled from Facebook using FB Vidmatic Pro).

Now I will tell you why I think that FB Vidmatic Pro is going to help a lot of people.

FB Vidmatic Pro Review

FB Vidmatic Pro Review


Many people have a real problem creating any content or videos for their blog or website but with FB Vidmatic Pro you just pull in as many videos as you want and then simply put a button in front with your affiliate link!

The other great thing about FB Vidmatic Pro is that once the videos are on your site they are yours to do with as you please.

When I was testing out FB Vidmatic Pro on my domain I first went to Clickbank and found a good Body Building course. Next I used FB Vidmatic Pro to pull a load of videos using the tag “Body Building”.

I only chose a few videos because I just wanted to test FB Vidmatic Pro but when FB Vidmatic Pro pulls the videos from Facebook it lists them in order of how many people liked that video on Facebook so you get the most popular and viral ones first!

So within a few minutes of using FB Vidmatic Pro I had a page full of videos all in the same niche meaning that when someone lands on your site to watch one video they were interested in they will find loads more and stay on your site for a lot longer.

FB Vidmatic Pro Review

FB Vidmatic Pro Review


Using FB Vidmatic Pro I also had a button on my videos which if clicked led to a high converting Body Building training course.

You have so many options and can do everything so quickly with FB Vidmatic Pro that you can have pages and pages of videos with links to whatever affiliate link you want on as many videos as you want!

Last year I looked at a very good course about building video sites because they convert so well but with this course you had to go to YouTube and take the videos one by one which was my only real negative when I looked at the course.

Another thing that FB Vidmatic Pro does is it will give Google so much related info that they will have to take notice of you and I am sure they will rank you quicker than a normal site!

FB Vidmatic Pro also allows you to change the description of the videos if you want (I did on my example). This means that FB Vidmatic Pro already has a built in way to use keywords to rank your blogs.

FB Vidmatic Pro Review

FB Vidmatic Pro Review


Now even though I am talking about ranking in Google there are way more ways to get free traffic to your sites.

Inside the members area of FB Vidmatic Pro there are 5 training videos on how to use the FB Vidmatic Pro software but also a lot of information on traffic (I will be providing a lot of useful bonuses with FB Vidmatic Pro to help you get the most out of it)

Here are a few of the things that FB Vidmatic Pro can be used for! Clickbank, CPA, eCOM, Any affiliate offer, list building and anywhere else you can think to send traffic to.

Also if you already have a site and are having no luck ranking it or making money then consider using FB Vidmatic Pro to start getting targeted traffic and visitors!

Alright…so my overall FB Vidmatic Pro Review is that this software works well and really does what it says it on the sales page. I tested and tested it! It is also not just a gimmick but something that I would even consider using to make my sites more interesting…

Also if you have ever wanted to start an affiliate site then creating niche video blogs will give you so much power and FB Vidmatic Pro is very easy to use so beginners can also start making money making blogs or websites.

I have always said if you want to create recurring income and have a solid piece of Online Property then create a website. FB Vidmatic Pro allows you to create as many powerful video sites as you want!




OTO 1 – Elite Edition: Comes with the ability to post video’s from unlimited fan pages, unlimited site licence and sitemap generator to get indexed in the search engines faster…


OTO 2: Developer Edition: Get the license to use the software for client websites…


OTO 3: Reseller Edition: Lets your customer resell FBVidMatic and keep 100% of the profits…


Bonuses For FB Vidmatic Pro Review…

Every other affiliate will be giving away these bonuses provided by the product creators. I will be giving you them as well as my own special Bonuses!

List of Bonuses from the Product Creators of FB Vidmatic Pro Listed Below…

Vidlock – VidLock is a premium WP plugin that lets you capture leads and make more sales by “locking” your videos until visitors perform a certain action.

ClickpopEngage  – Engage Using Video, Utilize The Ability To Lean On Viral News And WebsitesTo Engage Traffic With Opt-Ins, Images And Call To Actions To Build Your List And Drive Sales

Buzz Machine – Funny Viral List Building Machine WordPress Plugin!

SureFire SEO – How to Rank Your WordPress Site Consistently!

VSLG – Video Sales Letter Genius!

Social Signals for SEO – Integrate social media for your search engine rankings?

Free Traffic X – Get Unlimited Free Traffic Using Secret Tactics!

Quick Cash Traffic System – Discover How To Get Instant traffic!




WP Viral Click (WP software + 57 page user manual that will unleash an unstoppable tornado of traffic to your site or offer. Grow your social media profiles through your website on complete autopilot)


Commission OverDrive (10 HD Videos on How To Increase Your Earnings and Boost Profits With Affiliate Marketing, Launch Profitable Campaigns And Get FREE TRAFFIC To All Your Offers!)


Facebook List Monster (Full Software and PDF Instructions – Get Real Email Addresses From Your Visitors. Build Your List with REAL Email Addresses and Reach Your Subscribers in Many Different Ways!


Facebook LIVE Power Marketing (main course PDF – 15 HD videos that show you the power of using Facebook LIVE and how to get started in a step by step way and how you can use FB Live to grow your current business or start a completely new one. FB Live is one of the fastest growing traffic and sales methods out there. Do not miss this! High quality packed training)


ClickBank 8 Niche Pack (8 highly profitable sub niche packs that can be used to promote Clickbank products and build a business around – Each pack includes Images – A Powerful lead Magnet and a perfect niche squeeze page – Potential to save you a ton of time finding a niche, creating graphics and a lead magnet IE. FREE report to give away – Also the squeeze pages are designed by a top designer and simply have to be uploaded – This is a MASSIVE time saver)


Facebook Marketing Business in a box (main course PDF – Cheatsheet PDF – 10 HD videos on how to set up and use FB ads to get the cheapest clicks and the highest conversions. Also learn how to get highly targeted traffic for free from Facebook! Very solid training on the most powerful Ads around today – suitable for beginners up to more advanced!)


WordPress and List Building Mega Course (24 HD video course on everything you need to know about WordPress and using it to build a huge list, perfect for product creators, list builders and WP beginners – a highly intensive packed video training that has never been released before!)


Facebook Ads Guru Mantra (A 16 video course on how to set up your Facebook ads for super low clicks and conversions, huge amounts of step by step detail that is almost copy paste – perfect for affiliates, list builders, CPA or even eCOM)


Screw Google Mega Cash System (6 HD Videos + 2 PDF course on how you can stop relying on Google to help you make money – Copy The Exact Same System That Produced 2,000 Visitors, 600+ Leads and $315.00 In One Day Without Any Help From Google)


Facebook Fanpage Ad Secrets Guide (10 HD video course + 46 page PDF on how to harness the vast power of growing your fan pages using ads, having a fanpage is even more targeted than having a list – extremely eye opening training)


Mastering CPA and Facebook – (5 HD detailed over the shoulder video course on using the immense power of the Biggest social media platform to set up and profit from CPA)


Facebook Marketing PRO (9 HD videos that teach the power of Facebook and the many ways to use and profit from it – Top marketers are making Millions a year from FB alone, find out how you can too)



Get FB Vidmatic PRO Plus All The Product Creators bonuses Plus ALL My Amazing Bonuses Through My Exclusive Link Below!


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