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FBListMonster is a product (actually a Plugin) that I have never seen anything like before which is rare for me. The 3 main things that you need with FBListMonster are a Facebook account, an Autoresponder and a WordPress site in any niche. Actually 4 things because you need a product to give away.



So how does FBListMonster plugin work? Firstly I am surprised that this is in line with Facebook TOS (rules) as it is very powerful if used correctly. Ill explain more in a moment but the jist of FBListMonster is that you get the real email that people use because you are collecting their Facebook email.

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The process is that you offer a free report to them and if they click to receive the report they connect through Facebook. After connecting through Facebook they get their free report and you get their email through Facebook. So there are no squeeze pages or optin forms to be created with FBListMonster, you are automatically adding their Facebook email to your list. The only real problem I can see is that since they dont know that they are on a list they may be a little surprised when they receive an email from you which if you get lots of spam notices your autoresponder may take action.



FBListMonster has you covered with a rather clever way to avoid even using your autoresponder and that is by self hosting the emails that you collect with FBListMonster. This is a clever way to avoid spam complaints! FBListMonster is a very powerful tool and you should respect the use of it as you are getting the email that the person uses everyday. Very often if you are offering a free product people will put in an email address they don’t use so that they can get your Freebie and never have to hear from you again!

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I am with Getresponse and I use double opt in as this deters Freebie seekers as they have to confirm they want you to email them! FBListMonster has training and instructions on how to use the plug in so you will have no problem setting things up! I have learned a lot from FBListMonster, I never knew how easy it was to set up a self hosting account, all you need is a List Manager like the free plugin ‘Mailpoet’ and then a service to send your emails. FBListMonster suggests using Send Grid or Amazon SES. Using this method has 2 advantages, one is that you won’t lose your email list and that you can send them different offers!



There is even more to FBListMonster and that is if the person did not click your offer you can still add them to your Facebook advertising List so that you can retarget them with offers that you know they are interested in!

FBListMonster is a very powerful tool and the possibilities are endless with what you can do with it!

Take Me To The Product.

Remember with great power, comes great responsibility! That being said if you have a WordPress site, want to build your list or want to make super targeted ads then FBListMonster is the tool that you need! This could really be a game changer for a lot of people! I have to highly recommend FBListMonster.

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There are a few OTO’s..

OTO 1 is a Squeeze Page Add On (could be very useful)

OTO 2 is an Upgrade To PLR (remember I said you need some free reports)

OTO 3 is an Upgrade To PLR (2 Apps)

OTO 4 is Upgrade FBLM To PLR

Its very tough to say which OTO’s you get if any...If it was me Id say OTO 1 and 4 are the most valuable!

I will include some Products that you can use as PLR. You will have my permission!

So Bonus Products!! I will be giving you a load of relevant products and you have my permission to use any of them as bonus giveaways! There is over 3300$ worth of Bonus Products! They can help you to learn more about List Building, Traffic and being an affiliate AND you have my permission to use any a FREE give away!

Adsense Blueprint (11 over the shoulder videos and the OTO video) –

Affiliate Anarchy (main course PDF + the rolodex) – 

Affiliate Cash Secrets (4 Main course PDF + AutoMaticMoneyMachines PDF + Free Traffic Secrets PDF) –

Authority Hi-Jack 2(the software + user manual) –

Batman Money Technique 2015(includes website + 4 main course PDF’s and the OTO) – 

Bing Traffic Course (7 step by step Videos) – 

Buyer Keywords Profit Formula (Main PDF Course) – 

Google Adwords Made Easy 2015 (16 Over the Shoulder Video Course + Mind Map + Main Product PDF + Cheat sheet + Training Guide + Special Report and Many Extras) –

Hot Niche Finding Formula 2015 (Main course PDF) –

Page One Ranking Formula (Main course PDF) –

Extreme List Building 2015 (4 course main PDF) –

Facebook Marketing Service eClass 2015 (Main Video Course + Many Extras) –

FB Cash Formula 2015 (7 Over the shoulder Video Course + 2 Squeeze Page Videos + Cheat Sheat + Main Course PDF + Lead generating Report + Email Swipes and Many Extras) –

Social Media Marketing 2015 (main course PDF with article pack) –

Solo Ad Basic 2015 (5 Over the shoulder Video Course) –

Timeless List Building 2015 (main report PDF + done for you squeeze page) –

Traffic Excellence for 2015 (6 over the shoulder video course including, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest + MindMap + Cheat Sheet) –

Ultimate Link Building 2015 (main course PDF) –

Ultimate Solo Ads 2015 (main course PDF) –

Untapped Traffic Formula 2015 (main course PDF + OTO)

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