Five Dollars Millionaire Review

Five Dollars Millionaire is being promoted by Chromabit but was completely created by Jason Richardson. When I got my review access and started on the first video, for a moment my heart sank as I could hardly understand what Jason was saying in his new hugely promoted course Five Dollars Millionaire.



Luckily after a few minutes he started to get the hang of talking on video, stopped trying to speak like some kid from the hood and sorted out what he was saying, besides this there was only 1 other concern that I had about Five Dollars Millionaire and that the videos in the training cannot be downloaded which means that even if you click the training videos twice they will still stay the same size which the only solution I found was to increase your screen zoom.

Now when you enter the main training area of Five Dollars Millionaire, it has that usual very professional touch that Chromabit always provide which I do appreciate and there no annoying affiliate links everywhere you look which really puts me off a product and the product creator…



So after going through all 13 informative videos inside the members area of Five Dollars Millionaire I have to say that the videos are actually well prepared with a few being slide type of videos and the rest being the over the shoulder style so that you can follow along with what the creator is teaching.


Five Dollars Millionaire is actually a CPA and Facebook ad course that shows you everything you need to know to get the most from a very small ad spend, I use FB ads all the time but I still learnt a load from Five Dollars Millionaire especially the part about the Facebook Pixel and choosing the right offer from your CPA network.



Five Dollars Millionaire teaches us mostly how to target a very popular and profitable CPA offer which is coupon offers which I have promoted many times on Coupon Forums (the fact that there are 100’s of forums about this topic just shows you how big it is).


Every CPA network that I am in has multiple coupon offers and tomorrow I will be following the exact methods inside Five Dollars Millionaire to set up some coupon offers using Jason’s secret Facebook ad method. The great thing about this is that Jason  has been making high 6 Figures for a while and he is giving away his secrets that will remain totally Evergreen…



It is not just coupon offers that are taught in Five Dollars Millionaire but 1 video shows how to find a perfect niche that will convert very well. Another very useful tip that I picked up was how to get the best pictures for your ads (something I always struggle with…)

Overall if you have $5 to spare then I highly recommend trying out Five Dollars Millionaire and running a few ads. All you really need to do is follow along and use the pre-prepared templates that come along with Five Dollars Millionaire.


OTO 1 is a “Done For You FDM System”. Everything you need to just plug and play and get started making your first sales.

OTO 2 is “FDM Inside Key to $100K”. This is just an even deeper training that will help and push you further and help you scale up (even though inside the main training there is a very good video on how to scale up everything)




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