Fiverr Middle Man Review

Fiverr Middle Man is the latest Fiverr product from Fergal Downes who is a serial product creator and while I don’t think all his products are great even though he has been awarded around 17 WSOTD if you actually look at the sales pages for each they are very similar to each other. Even though I actually believe that Fergus has and can make money from Fiverr he now seems to want to bring out a new product every week…

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Now we are here to talk about Fiverr Middle Man but before we do Id like to ask you guys how many of his products have you bought and how much money have you made from them?

Many of his products in the past were in my opinion a waste of time with so many OTO’s it would want to make you pull your hair out just trying to get the main product that you purchased.

Fiverr Middle Man could have been called Fiverr Arbitrage because that is basically what is being taught (maybe Fergus has already used that product name LOL)

Anyway back to the matter at hand which is Fiverr Middle Man and do I think it is worth buying? Well firstly I reviewed a product of Fergus’s recently about how he creates these micro products as he calls them and sets up his funnel, that course I thought was quality because he was actually showing us what he is doing to be bringing out all these Fiverr products every other week. If you are interested here is my review on that one – Product Launch Profits



OK, back to Fiverr Middle Man! Yes this is for sure one of his better Fiverr Products and if you follow the instructions laid out in Fiverr Middle Man you will make money. I would guess that if you really worked the program and set up as many gigs as you can then you could make a comfortable stable almost passive income with Fiverr Middle Man.

You are shown which are the best gigs to sell and how you can get them completed quickly and cheaply for a Dollar or less and sometimes a little more but the end result is that you can make 5$ minus the fee you are paying to the outsourcer. When I went through Fiverr Middle Man I thought about how I would go about putting things into action and I could see myself with a team of outsourcers that I would know would deliver and a huge amount of gigs on Fiverr. I believe that with Fiverr Middle Man if you go beyond how many hours they say you only need to work then you could easily build this into a much bigger business but that would mean working maybe 5 or 6 hours a day.

If you follow Fiverr Middle Man the way it is taught and only put 20 or 30 minutes a day into it then you will still make easy sales and very possibly reach the 500 to 900$ per month that Fiverr Middle Man and Fergus say!

The truth is that Fergus has helped quite a few people and has many positive reviews from people who have mastered and built a business on Fiverr and many of them are the ones that keep buying his products as every product does have something new or some new trick or tactic or something to help when Fiverr change their platform and I guess that Fiverr Middle Man will help those already making results like the ones below will be happy with Fiverr Middle Man to boost their business even more!



I have always been a fan of Arbitrage (being the middleman) and it is how I came to live full time working online! The great thing is that you do not need any money to get started so I am giving my review of Fiverr Middle Man as a positive product that if you take action you will make money!

There are 2 OTO’s and the first is a Fiverr bonus package and the second is about ranking your gigs. Both of them are decent and I think that if you are going to go ahead and really work Fiverr Middle Man then you should pick them up. If you have to choose between the 2 then I would choose the second one regarding ranking!

Everybody loves Bonus products so I am giving away a huge bonus of over 2000$ which will be inside your download link if you buy from my site plus if you email me your payment proof I am also going to send you over 3 new Fiverr Products (this is a secret bonus that I know that nobody will be giving away and maybe even I shouldn’t be but what the hell!)


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