Fred’s List Money Machine Review


This Product Is No Longer Available!

There are so many list building products out there that I dont always like to review them but Fred’s List Money Machine is in my opinion different. Fred’s List Money Machine uses a method Fred Barton calls his M18 system which uses almost all free traffic.


As the old saying goes “The money is in the list”, well Fred’s List Money Machine proves that in spades. Fred is now travelling around the world by using his own system. Fred’s List Money Machine and the M18 system are methods that I am going to happily use myself.



If you have read a bit about me on this site then you know I promised that I would only promote products that I thought to be worthwhile which Fred’s List Money Machine most definitely is. All you need for this is one simple website then around 20 minutes a day, from personal experience once you get your list to 5000 subscribers you can send out an email everyday and know that you will make at least 200$ that day…


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I am going to be using Fred’s List Money Machine method to try to bump up my lists. My problem with list building is that in the past you had to have a lot of money to slowly build your list but Fred teaches us in his Fred’s List Money Machine that with not a lot of work within a month you can be at the 5000 subscribers mark…making between 100 and 300$ per day from sending out a simple email to your trusting readers.



Fred’s List Money Machine is well worth it and another reason I liked it is that the 2 OTO’s are completely separate, by that I mean that you don’t need them to succeed with the main product Fred’s List Money Machine.


If you are a beginner and want to get your list built fast and for almost free then I recommend Fred’s List Money Machine.


If you buy from my site I will throw my own new Video product Video Profit Masters.



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