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Hello Readers,

I was just clicking around and wasting time when I should be doing some real work and came across a site that gave me an idea of how you create a little business on without doing any work at all. There is a website called where you can get gigs done for 1$, the same type of gigs that you would pay 5$ for on and of course that made me think..

If I wanted to become a Fiverr seller without doing any work at all besides being a middle man then using both of these sites together would be perfect. You set yourself up a very professional profile on Fiverr with your video or pictures which can be gotten Online for free though if you are going to be become a top seller on Fiverr then I most definitely recommend that you create a video either of yourself talking and saying how great Fiverr is and that you are able to (name the gigs you plan to be the middleman for) or create a simple picture slideshow and upload it.

After that then you should go through SEOclerks and choose the best rated gigs for 1$ and either copy what they have written or change it up a bit so that you are not completely ripping them off. I would make an Excel sheet with the links to the 1$ gigs so that I could keep order when the sales started coming in on Fiverr.

If you look at the picture below of SEOclerks you will see 7 little circles above the number of gigs, if you click on the middle one which is the price you will get all the gigs for 1$. On the right hand side you will see a tab called marketplace where you can go through all the services offered, everything from Twitter followers, to logos to social media backlinks which are big sellers right now on fiverr. Maybe even once you have found a gig on SEOclerks if you are not sure about it then search for it on Fiverr and see how many people are buying the gig and how many sales and orders they have waiting. This will be a good judge of if the gig is worth creating!

I know the thought of making only 4$ per gig is not great and very motivating just remember that once you have got all your gigs set up then all you have to do is wait for an email to say that you have a sale from Fiverr then you go to your list of links of SEOclerk gigs and order for 1$. So before you know it lets say that you have 15 gigs listed on Fiverr and make 10 sales a day then after Fiverr takes their Dollar and you pay for the SEOclerk gig you would be making 30$ pure profit and from there the only way is up and expand even more! 30$ a day may not seem a lot to some people but many IMers I know with all the courses and eBooks they buy dont ever make that! Actually it amazes me sometimes how some folks have been working Online for years and have still not made their first sale!

Welcome to the world of Arbitrage!



  1. Marc (Post author)

    Hi Kelly,

    I was just about to write a post about how great value I had found from a certain Fiverr seller and saw your comment and was curious how you are getting on?

    I would be open to having you guest blog on my site telling how you got started and where you are today with your business…just an idea, free promo for you and a piece about Fiverr for my readers….



  2. admin (Post author)

    I have never been a seller on Fiverr but have spent 1000’s, I guess that you should re examine what kind of gigs you are doing and look at your profile very carefully. Do you have a video of yourself for example?

    This post was just some ramblings of an idea, if I made it into a product I would look at traffic methods for Fiverr, though the thing about traffic is that it is already there on Fiverr, you just have to stand out, maybe try offering a free gig, invest in making another profile and buying your own gig so you can write a great review about yourself!

    Just a couple of ideas…depending on what you can do maybe try joining the bigger Freelancing sites?


  3. kellylynn444

    I love fiverr!! I wish I could get up to 10 gigs a day. That would be awesome! The most I’ve received is 5 in one day.

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