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Free List Hack is a product that caught my eye as soon as I read the sales copy and once I read this detailed course my whole idea of list building has changed!

This a real world case study….no theory or guessing here but actual facts which make it even more amazing…which you can watch and repeat step by step!

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When you put together the words free and list building anyone with half a brain has to sit up and take notice. Free List Hack is a very detailed plan of action that can be put into action in 20 minutes and you can build a responsive list in any niche in a matter of days. This is in my opinion one of the best ideas I have seen in a while and I will start working on this next week.



In the main product Taylor Rizer even provided us with some amazing bonuses that could have been used as OTO’s but were not as they complete Free List Hack…

The bonus products are a List Hack Checklist so that you don’t lose your way and create a plan that you can stick to!



Then there is a copy and paste templates so that you can simply fill in your own details and BOOM you are ready to go with Free List Hack.

The last bonus are PLR products to use as giveaways so that you can dominate either  the weight-loss, internet-marketing, or relationship niche immediately. If you want to build a list in an other niche then no problems as there as there are a load of free PLR products out there that you can get a hold of, or even create your own!



So all in all Free List Hack has the main system that will get you subscribers faster than you know what to do with using this secret method that has been proven over and over to work like crazy, just check out the reviews on the sales page…

There are a few OTO’s and they are…

OTO 1 is a Video Upgrade

OTO 2 is the Six-Figure Formula

OTO 3 is the Six-Figure Mastermind

OTO 4 is The List Building Vault

All of the OTO’s provide great value but are not needed to make the main product work though if you have the money and want to really decrease the time it takes to get to become a Six-Figure Marketer then they are a great investment (also remember that you are protected by the 30 day guarantee)

My overall opinion of Free List Hack is that with the main product and the bonuses thrown in you can be making good money very soon and great money just after that.

Free List Hack is a method that I will be using to build my lists. With Free List Hack I can see myself having a 100,000 subs list in no time.

So get out and grab Free List Hack before it goes off the market…

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