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Free Traffic Frenzy is a solid system that uses a new traffic source that is relatively unknown but highly effective. The problem that many of us have with using paid traffic is that we never see good ROI’s.

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Free Traffic Frenzy shows us how to utilise this free traffic source for sending targeted traffic to CPA offers, Affiliate offers or even our own products. I think that I will most likely use Free Traffic Frenzy for trying out some of some of my CPA offers though may use it for the 2 products that I have out at the moment.

What I like about this simple PDF is that everything is laid out in a step by step way along with lots of screenshots (this is how I create my own products.

Also the creators of this Free Traffic Frenzy have a very solid name when it comes to bringing out quality stuff. My only real problem with this and it is not something to do with the product is that it has 2 OTO’s and 2 Downsells, in my opinion this is just to much. There are value in some of them that will definitely help you but I hate having to click “No” so many times to get the main PDF…



This a quick review of the front end product and is something that I bought that I will be keeping as it is very rare to find a traffic source that is both free and targeted. Normally for this kind of targeted traffic I would have to pay a load of money unsure of making a profit whereas with Free Traffic Frenzy all I really have to do is make some comments and the traffic becomes free and targeted and comes in on autopilot!

Free Traffic Frenzy gets my seal of approval with its step by step method and plenty of screenshots.


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