Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training Review

Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training is created by an inspirational Indian Gentleman called Santosh. Santosh lives in a country where the average wage is around 250$ a month (I lived and travelled through most of India Twice and have seen first hand the standard of life there).

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Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training is of course about Freelancing and is not written by somebody who thought up a good idea and decided to stick it on paper and create a cool sales page without actually trying the method. Santosh is the Number 1 Freelancer on and out ranks over 15 Million other Freelancers which is incredible

I have a special perspective about Freelancing and arbitrage as that is how I started to make my first liveable income online and Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training teaches you how to start becoming your own boss very quickly. Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training will show you how to avoid the pitfalls and to overcome your fears of becoming a full time Internet Marketer…finally being your own boss!!



There are so many people out there who are Freelancing but they are using their own skills instead of using other peoples skills and most importantly their time. Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training shows you how to start with nothing and no skills until you get to the stage where you have a dedicated team of VA’s doing all the work for you and making you look like a superstar and from experience on these sites once you start getting a few good reviews then you start to climb the ranks until people only want to work with you!!

There are now so many Freelancing sites that there is more than enough to go around. In Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training Santosh covers a few but there are so many now like Freelancer, People per Hour (which is my new favourite). Have a look at my email account where they send me emails to bid on jobs that suit me first so I dont even have to search anymore…


As you can see I get these all day and click the email as soon as it comes in and look over the job and decide if I want to put my price forward with a well tested email!

Recently in the Freelancing world there was a big change, two of the big Freelancing companies joined together to create a new site called Upwork which is a combination of Odesk and Elance. In my opinion it is a much better site now. There is also of course and the list just goes on and on…



Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training will show you how to get started without spending a Penny and building your name or business up to something that clients are waiting in lines to work with you and referring you to others!

Inside the main PDF of the Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training is detailed how to find your first client within 24 hours and get your first review. How to impress yourself and what to write to large companies so that they will want to work with you. Where you should be looking for the highest paying jobs and once completed how to get 5 star ratings every time.



It is very important how your profile looks and that is covered in the main PDF of Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training. If someone decides to work with you then they will most likely have looked at your profile before making the final choice (having an unprofessional profile is a mistake most beginners make) but Santosh has you covered in his Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training. You will also learn how and when to upsell clients which can mean that you have an instant client for life (I have no prices on my website for Freelancing because very often clients ask me to design a site, then they realise they need a logo or header, then they ask do you provide content and on and on until you are doing everything for them).

One of my little tips is to offer a bonus when making a bid for a sale! This is touched upon slightly in Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training but for example say you are asked to design a logo and you outsource it and make 80$ then why not ask if they would like a header or a small SEO package for their site (works great for me)..

Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training also shows you where to look if you are stuck on a project and need help to complete it which I found very useful! He also covers what to do if you are going to be a little late with the project and what to say so you don’t panic and of course he teaches you how to make more money from the client when the project is completed!

Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training is a action packed PDF and easy to read step by step system that comes with 8 recordings of Santosh being interviewed which is great for taking a break from reading and listening to someone who knows and has done what you are aiming for! The last part of Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training is an active Facebook group where you can discuss with others problems, tricks or ask questions!

This course has been one of the best that I have read in ages and not just because I started making a full time income online with very similar methods but also because I KNOW THAT IT WORKS AND STILL USE MANY OF THE METHODS MYSELF!

There is one small confession that I will say and that is that my Freelancing business went much faster after buying a certain software called Arbitrage Underdog though luckily with Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training you DO NOT NEED THIS!

Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training is your one way ticket to making a full time income online within a month if you follow what is being taught and TAKE ACTION!



As always I have some very cool new products just for you if you buy through my site. There are over 1600$ worth of bonus products attached to the links on my site which I will list below + If you buy from my site I will answer any questions about Freelancing and can show you some great places to get good workers + I will send you a copy of a secret eBook that is as packed as Freelance Chief Work-At-Home Training with plans of Freelancing and arbitrage!


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