Funnels Kit Review

Funnels Kit Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • No Monthly Fees on a great business Builder!


  • You will kick yourself for not getting the bonuses that I am giving away! Both Vendor Bonuses and My Bonuses!

Funnels Kit Review – Can This New Software Replace The Large Monthly Fees For Softwares That Do The Same Thing?


Hello Readers and Business Builders, Today I am going to be doing a Funnels Kit Review and looking to see if this is this could be a better solution that larger well known companies such as Clickfunnels who charge a hefty Monthly fee.

I only mention CF because they are mentioned on the sales page of Funnels Kit and one of the main reasons people have for not signing up to CF is the large Monthly fee.

Funnels Kit Review

Funnels Kit Review


If I knew that I would get LOTS of use from CF then maybe but I have enough Monthly fees as it is.

When you are starting an online business or just want to grow your current one you will always need certain tools.

A page builder, squeeze page builder, an autoresponder even a membership site option.

Well that is what many people pay the more established companies for but that is also one of the reasons that many people are unable to build their business.

Funnels Kit Review

Funnels Kit Review


Enter Funnels Kit which does everything mentioned above plus a lot more. My very first impression of Funnels Kit after kind of randomly clicking around was this seems easy to use…

Then I found the actual training videos and realized that I had just touched the tip of the potential of Funnels Kit.

In total there 28 videos that walk you through everything that Funnels Kit can do, from setting up a real sales funnel to capturing and sending emails.

Funnels Kit Review

Funnels Kit Review


I was only using review access of the software but I was still very impressed with everything that Funnels Kit can do.

Actually recently I reviewed a product called Commission Funnels and went to great lengths to explain why it was NOT a funnel creator, in my opinion.

It was a good tool but really just made bonus pages and thank you pages, nothing wrong with that of course, everyone in affiliate marketing needs a good bonus page builder.

Funnels Kit does of course have that option amongst the TON of other things that it can do.

Recently I was looking for a page builder for 1 small project and posted in my private Facebook Group asking what other people were using?

As you can imagine I got a LOT of different answers and opinions but decided to go with a well known but one time fee builder of 197 Dollars.

Funnels Kit Review

Funnels Kit Review

If Funnels Kit had been around then I would have invested in them because they are a LOT cheaper and can do more than just build a sales page.

As well as being able to create as many funnels as you want you can add upsells and downsells and link everything together so that customers flow through your funnels buying as much as possible.

Many people complain about upsells in a funnel when buying a product but it is just part of the business and when you are on the other side of the sale, as in you being the person who is selling you will love when you have high converting funnels.

I should also mention that there are pre made swipes in Funnels Kit as well as many funnels specially created for certain evergreen products that you can start promoting right away.

Everything that Funnels Kit does is on the sales page explained in great detail and my overall Funnels Kit review is that this is the perfect solution to build your business with, without worrying about large Monthly fees.

A great investment that you will not regret and one that once you have it will continue to be the foundation of your business for years to come.


OTO 1 is DFY Sales Funnels! Complete sales pages and funnels with product included!


OTO 2 is DFY Lead Funnels! This includes 50 complete DFY Lead Funnels!


OTO 3 is A Complete Done For You Membership Funnel and site!




Firstly Some Great Bonuses From The Vendor That Have Resell Rights Which Allows you to Use Them In Your Funnels!


Post Viper

Funnel Secrets

Affiliate Wizard


Automation Viper

Plus Another 16 Full Trainings from the Vendor!


Now For Bonuses From My Private Collection!


Warrior Plus Profits (20 HD videos in the FE and 20 advanced training videos in the upsell. This is the most complete guide to setting up your funnels on Warrior Plus. With these 40 over the shoulder videos you will learn everything you need to know to become a Top product vendor and a Top affiliate. Straight to the point training)


Marc’s Best Selling “Traffic Victory” (This includes 8 hours of me walking you through my own business step by step and showing the things that I do to rank highly in the search engines. I am also including several case studies that you can model your own posts after)


Marcs “Traffic Victory” OTO 1 (In this training I am going to show you 3 over the shoulder advanced case studies by me on how I was able to make over 1000 plus Dollars from 1 product and 1 post with no list and also show you the advanced training that I use to drive even more traffic from Facebook and YouTube)


Marcs “Traffic Victory” OTO 2 (This includes 15 high quality products that you can use for your own education or giveaway as bonuses or include in your funnels to resell. I also include a product and niche selector that you can use in any niche to find digital products that match the 90+ niches. Lastly I am also including a HUGE graphics pack plus a 7 day ranking plan)


Marcs Personal Traffic Pinterest Package (It took me and my VA 4 days to put this package together which includes everything that you could ever need to know about Pinterest as a traffic source. This includes several PDFs and over 10 videos that show you how to use this under used traffic source to get targeted traffic)


ClickBar Premium (Click Bar is a WordPress plugin that allows you to put a scarcity bar, with clickable button and countdown timer on any of your posts.)


THREE Full YouTube Trainings (These are 3 Full trainings that show you methods that I use to drive traffic to my products, affiliate products and Funnels)


Profit Blogger (A full training that teaches you how to outsource content or write your own for maximum conversions and top quality content! Also includes copy writing training)


Mixed Traffic Method (This is a full video training on how to get a massive wave of traffic to any site that you want, methods that I have used myself)


Get ALL Of The Bonuses Above By CLICKING HERE!




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