FX60 Fundraising System 2016 Review

It has been a while since I reviewed 1 of “The King of Offline Marketing”‘s products, Luther Landro. I am a big fan of Luther’s products and have used many of them to get leads for my offline company. The leads that I have always got were solid. Now the new product FX60 Fundraising System 2016 is different in many ways.

The FX60 Fundraising System 2016 is a complete business that ANYONE can get started with even if you have no idea how to build a Website or sell SEO or Logos. FX60 Fundraising System 2016 is something that you can pick up and read and get started building your own business and it can all be done from home.



Now as Luther very often does, with FX60 Fundraising System 2016 he has created a full on Webinar which you can watch and find out exactly what you are buying and how you are going to be running your new business. Many people do not know this but the Fundraising sector is huge, Billions and Billions per year huge and finding clients is 1000 times easier than finding clients who need SEO or Websites…


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The great thing is that you can create a $300,000 plus per year business by doing something good and something that you can be really proud of. The FX60 Fundraising System 2016 was based on a Lady who worked for a non-profit but lost funding and managed to come across this unique and highly profitable niche.

Luther sat down with his friend who makes over $300,000 and completely dissected her business and put it all down in the new super original FX60 Fundraising System 2016. Now remember this is no click button loophole but rather a complete BluePrint to finally having your own run from home Online consulting business.


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What Luther has done with FX60 Fundraising System 2016 is to put the whole process down on paper and video and explain it in the most step by step system that can be followed like a 1,2,3 BluePrint. Now you may be thinking how do I find these clients? Or how do I approach these clients? Or maybe even just where to start? Well I can safely say that after going through Luther’s FX60 Fundraising System 2016 I can easily say that I am completely comfortable with getting started with this system and be able to set up my first campaign….who knows, as I am currently looking for new income streams I may give it a shot…



Some people say that Luther creates too many new products but this time with FX60 Fundraising System 2016 he is giving you a very unique BluePrint to finally creating your own Online Consulting Business. This is something that is not being taught ANYWHERE else and from going through everything I really believe that The FX60 Fundraising System 2016 is the perfect course for complete beginners to advanced marketers looking for a new easy income stream.


OTO 1 is the “FX60 Fundraising 2016 Done-For-You”. This is a complete set up and ready to go campaign so that you can come out swinging with confidence and perhaps use this template for all future campaigns.

OTO 2 is the “Profit Hackers Membership FX60”. This is a membership site where you have access to Luther and all his successful students plus so much more!


One of the methods used inside The FX60 Fundraising System 2016 to get noticed and build your business is Social Media…I have included a lot of Relevant BONUS Products!




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Twitter Marketing Excellence (A detailed Brand NEW 10 Video Training Course – Not Released to the Public Yet)


Instagram Marketing Excellence (Complete 10 video mega course on everything you need to know about Instagram so you can start using it to drive insane targeted traffic – Unreleased at the time of writing)


Coaching Marketing Excellence (A 10 video course on how to start and build your own coaching or consulting business. A Brand new for 2016 video course)


Never Say Later (A complete 10 video course that will motivate you, help you plan better, how to outsource, the best ways to stop procrastinating and much much more – another new product yet to be released)


Web Traffic Flood (complete course PDF)

Traffic Full Blast (complete course PDF)

Tube Traffic Tactics (complete course PDF)

Free Website Traffic Methods (complete course PDF)

Mega Stream Of Traffic (complete course PDF)

Offline Business Traffic Strategies (complete course PDF)

Essential Guide To Free Traffic (complete course PDF)

Traffic Tidalwave (complete course PDF)

Business And Website Traffic (complete course PDF)


2GB of “Internet Marketing How to Videos” (Complete How to Make Money and Master Video Courses on – Adwords – Aweber – Clickbank – Facebook – Getresponse – Hootsuite – Instagram – Linkedin – Paypal – Pinterest – Twitter – Webhosting – WordPress and YouTube) 


Google Hangouts Marketing Made Easy (This is a 15 module video course yet to be released but you can take it from me this is real quality and you will be an expert after watching)


Building Your Online Brand  ( Full eBook training, checklist + resource checklist + mind map + sales page + lead magnet and optin page + graphics + 10 articles + email swipes + social media images pack)


Super Social Traffic (11 Over the Shoulder Video Course)

Super Tube Marketing (10 Over the Shoulder Video Course)

Super YouTube Traffic (2 Over the Shoulder Video Course)

Simple Social BookMarking (11 Over the Shoulder Video Course)

Super ROI PPC Traffic (16 Over the Shoulder Video Course)

Video Tube OutSource ( 3 Over the Shoulder Video Course + Rolodex + 17 niche related PDF’s)


YouTube Marketing Excellence (A new 10 video detailed course on how to harness the power of YouTube – Start as a beginner…finish as an Expert)





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