Get 200 Daily Review and Bonus

Get 200 Daily Review


This is the first post that I have made in a while because of my site being badly hacked and loads of time and money into getting it back up and running which is almost done. Now it is kind of great that the product Get 200 Daily is the one that I am looking at today as one of the first products that was ever reviewed on this site was by the same creator – Desmond Ong Founder of Chromabit.



Firstly I just got my review access to the members area of Get 200 Daily and as always from the Chromabit Team the members area has been created with skill and is not full of affiliate links which I hate! The members area of Get 200 Daily contains 9 main training videos which are laid out in a very easy to follow step by step Blueprint style.

The last 2 products that I have reviewed from Chromabit have made me money after implementing them or at least helped my business in ways that I didn’t think were possible. Now if you have read my reviews before I try to be as honest as possible and if I really don’t think it is worth the money or bad quality then I will either not allow it on my site or give it a bad review.



Luckily again this new step by step video course Get 200 Daily will change a part of my business model completely and I fully expect to start building my list at an incredible rate using some of the tricks, tactics and Golden nuggets inside Get 200 Daily.





Module 1 of Get 200 Daily is an overview of the system and really shows you how you can go from complete beginner to building a lasting business.

Module 2 is about mindset and how this method, Get 200 Daily, can change your way of thinking about Internet Marketing.

Module 3 is about making something that will be the core of your business and has been completely Dumbed down so anyone can follow!

Module 4 of Get 200 Daily is about the best way to pick offers that will convert and that have people looking already to buy.

Module 5 is everything you need to know about traffic. This module/video could have been a course by itself!!

Module 6 is about paid traffic and how to make back your money so that whenever you spend $5 on traffic you make back much much more.

Module 7 of Get 200 Daily is everything that you will need to know about solo ads and how you can start to use solo ads while still making a profit

Module 8 is about how to treat your list which again could have been a product by itself. Having a list is 1 thing but knowing what to write so you keep that list is another…

Module 9 of Get 200 Daily is a detailed overview/case study of how you will get to $4500 per day within a few weeks.

OTO 1 is called “Copy Paste Campaigns”…as the name says, everything is already done, you just need to copy and paste!

OTO 2 is called “Traffic Tsunami” and goes even deeper into paid and free traffic!

OTO 3 is Skype 1-on-1 Consultation With Desmond Ong….need I say more. Every athlete has a coach and it is the same with Internet Marketers. Desmond os exposing his whole business and you can ask him anything you want! You can use the kontent machine 3 to generate unique articles here.

As always I enjoyed Chromabits step by step video course and got great value and ideas from Get 200 Daily. This is perfect for more experienced marketers or for complete beginners as you are seeing inside Desmond’s whole super successful business model!






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