Goodwill Review – Find Out What Was Seriously Lacking?

Goodwill Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • Very easy to set up!
  • Huge Open and Click Through Rates!


  • There was so little actual traffic training that I Recorded My Own LIVE Training That Will BLOW You Away!

Giving away something for free and making money, is it possible. Find out in this Goodwill Review.


In my review of Goodwill I will be taking this training to pieces and trying to explain a huge part of what big marketers do and why it is becoming less powerful than before.

Goodwill is brought to us by Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace whose last product Aurora I thought was great and even have my own copy which I am starting to use.

Goodwill Review

Goodwill Review


So firstly before I explain more about Goodwill and my mixed feelings on this I want to talk about list building or getting leads and why it is changing.

Once you have read this first part you will see what Jono and Brendan are achieving with Goodwill.

Now Goodwill has nothing to with list building in the traditional sense IE. Building a big list to market to through email.

Goodwill Review

Goodwill Review


Having a huge list is still very powerful but the problem is that less and less people are communicating through email and many do not even bother checking their emails anymore.

This means that the open rate is getting less and less, basically less people are opening the emails that they get.

A decent open rate rate these days is about 14%, so to make big money with a list you need a big list or a way to put your offer right in front of people.

In Goodwill Brendan tells us that he has a list of 60k, he launches all the time so that is no surprise.

In Portugal at the Marketing Alliance Brett Retucky was chatting about the very thing that I am going to mention below about traditional list building.

The other problem with having a list of any size is that many people are on as many as 10 different marketers lists and when they all mail the same offer to the same people, how does that person decide who to buy from?

Goodwill Review

Goodwill Review


So in essence every marketer who mails for a product is competing with every other marketer.

Can you see the problem now?

If you get get 8 emails on the same day, promoting the same thing who will you buy from?

Will you check out each link on each email to see who has the best bonuses or just go with the person that you know the best…

Building a real buyers list is from launching products so that you get the leads to market to time and time again.

What Goodwill does is uses a different platform, well 2 actually to build a list in a different way.

More and more people are spending lots of time on Facebook and that is what Goodwill is targeting and teaching you to use.

Now you may not be able to build a list of 60k like Brendan or Jono but you will be able to build a list of active buyers that you can communicate with and also get, open rates as high as 85%.

Goodwill Review

Goodwill Review – HUGE OPEN RATES!


Goodwill is essentially a way that Brendan and Jono have been using to build up new lists from people on Facebook.

So Goodwill is about giving away something for free, building a list and making money while doing so.

Why though is this any different than having a pop up on your website (like the one on this very site)?

Well firstly when you sign up through my site you get your free training and are then on my newsletter giving me permission to email you.

Many people though use an email that they only use for getting freebies which is why I clean my lists every 2 Months.

The HUGE difference with Goodwill and what the guys are teaching and showing is that you can send anyone on Facebook a private message using a BOT (In their example they use a website to store their leads that has a BOT as part of the package.)

So the people you target using the Goodwill method receive a private message on Facebook asking them a question such as would you like to try this free training?

They can then answer “Yes” or “No”, either way though as soon as they click Yes or No they are on your BOT list.

If they click yes then you send them their free product or training and when they click that they go into a funnel with some upsells and that is where you make your first money.

Goodwill Review

Goodwill Review – A BOT Trying To Sell To Me 🙂


The second time that you can make money from them is when you send them another BOT message with another offer.

I should mention that inside the members area of Goodwill Brendan is giving away one of his best selling products for you to giveaway.

I do like the idea and as you can see on this review Brendan is showing his stats and results so it does work though be careful not too spam people as it will piss them off.

Every day I get these kind of messages and recently I clicked Yes and got a free case study about list building then just ignored the other things that person was trying to sell me (I will show you in the bonus training that I have created for Goodwill!)

I know lots of people in my Facebook group who have gotten some very cool and helpful free gifts.

I think that Goodwill is worth trying though the one issue that I have with the whole product is that even though a few traffic examples are mentioned, they are not really explained, just spoken about.

Brendan talks about Facebook groups and YouTube to drive traffic though in no great detail.

That is why if you decide to try Goodwill at the bottom of this page I am including a lot more bonuses than usual because I felt that the traffic part was lacking which is why the training that I created is so powerful!

Goodwill is a great idea due to so many people using Facebook for business now and also it has that reverse Psychological trick where if someone gets something for free and then has the choice to invest into something further they are very likely to buy.

Just think about OTOs or Upsells, you may buy a product for 7 Dollars then end up spending 200 Dollars on Upsells…

So just to finish off my written Goodwill Review I will say that this is a great idea (If I had more time I would try it myself).

Goodwill is much more powerful than Push Notifications and you get a much larger open rate than with email and using the BOT site which you can start with the free plan and you are building a list of buyers and a powerful asset!

You also get one of Brendan’s Best Ever Selling Products to give away which has a very highly converting funnel and a very powerful traffic software!

Below are the OTO’s or upsells for Goodwill, then below that are my bonuses!


Oto 1 Of Goodwill is called the PRO version!


OTO 2 of Goodwill is called steal our backend! (The backend is always the most expensive and where you can make the most money so in this upsell you get Jono and Brendan’s high ticket Webinar!)


OTO 3 of Goodwill is called Done With You! (In this you get to work with the guys to get help setting everything up)


OTO 4 of Goodwill is the limited Traffic Option! (This is when the guys let you siphon the traffic from their multiple sales pages, I have heard good things about this one)






Marc’s LIVE recorded Over the Shoulder Training (This is a 29 minute video that I have just recorded to show you the most powerful way to get started using free Facebook viral traffic. I also go through a case study and show you how to set up this classic method to find buyers and how to use this training to kill it!) – This bonus is time sensitive as I will be taking it down after the launch is over!


Everything you need to become a CHATBOT expert (10 main PDFs including niche specific OTOs / upsells that show you everything from not knowing what a Chatbot is to being able to create them yourself, use them to add extra zeros to your bottom line, this is perfect to learn more about using BOTs for marketing)


SIX Different Facebook Training Courses (This includes over 45 PDF’s and around 50 Videos on the many ways that you can use to drive traffic through Facebook. Every method is covered and no detail is left out. This is 1000’s of Dollars of training and ALL upsells are included)


FOUR Different YouTube Training Courses (This includes 30+ plus PDF’s and 40 videos and covers 4 very different methods on the best ways to drive traffic from YouTube. These packed training courses will take you from a complete beginner to an expert YouTube traffic Machine)


Online Viral Marketing (2 main PDFs 12 HD Videos – This is perfect for Goodwill and will show you how to make anything go viral, especially on Facebook)


The Most Powerful Free Traffic Systems (23 HD Videos which are the main product and the OTO on using the best free 23 traffic methods that are battle tested and proven to work, many of these I still use to drive traffic to this very site)




If You Would Like To Get ALL The Bonuses Above Then Simply CLICK HERE!




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