Headway Review

Headway Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • Headway really opens up the IM niche!


  • If you go elsewhere you will miss out on getting my 2 time AWARD WINNING training PLUS more detailed Warrior Plus training PLUS a LOT more!

Headway Review – Finally someone lays out how to get approved for affiliate products and then start making sales!


Welcome to my Headway Review. Headway is a new training course that I am surprised that someone never tried to do before.

It is brought to us by Trevor Carr and Jonas Lindgren and they really open up the industry.

Why do I say that about Headway?

Well because most product vendors would rather that you just keep buying their latest and greatest new training or software.

We always see all these “amazing” training courses and software’s that tell us that YOU can start making easy sales just by following the training…

Headway Review

Headway Review


Well from speaking to my students, getting lots of PM’s, seeing questions on Facebook and even doing it myself as a product vendor.

The last training that I reviewed by Trevor I am still implementing in my own business, iPassive!

There is always one major hurdle that every new affiliate has to make Headway with and that is getting approved by product vendors to promote products.

The platform that Headway focuses on, and for good reason is Warrior Plus.

Wplus give every member an affiliate score and a vendor score.

If you are just starting out or only want to be an affiliate then the Wplus platform gives you a little badge that when you apply to promote a new or old product is shown to the vendor.

This little badge comes in red (very bad), blue (ok) and green (trusted affiliate). I am showing a picture below of my own Warrior plus affiliate score even though I have not been working for a Month on Wplus due to other projects.

Headway Review

Headway Review


Now as Headway teaches there is a little loophole that you can use to get some sales on your account which will give you a blue badge with some sales that the vendor can see.

That means that you will get approved to promote.

Having your affiliate link is great because you can start promoting and making sales (Don’t worry Headway shows you some of the easiest methods around PLUS I am adding in my own 2 time award winning training “The Big Five” as a bonus)

Headway Review

Headway Review


Getting a hold of my own award winning training on top of headway is really all that you should ever need.

Sure sometimes it is good to buy a few new traffic methods to speed things up or build your business faster (I still buy traffic trainings if they interest me).

Back to Headway, there are over 20 videos and multiple PDFs that walk you through, over the shoulder exactly what to do to get approved and then to start making an avalanche of sales.

The traffic methods that they show in an actual case study by starting a new account and not using any of their contacts or email lists, only the methods that they are teaching.

I really liked the combination of how you can use Google ads along with free traffic methods such as Facebook, BOTS and YouTube.

Headway Review

Headway Review


If you want to start as a vendor as well then Headway has you covered with some of Trevor and Jonas’s best products that you can list as your own as well as getting complete access to those products.

I almost forgot to mention that you also get your own funnel, bonus page and review video to make sure that anyone can get sales.

Headway is original, actually very original, powerful and together with my own Award Winning Training The Big Five PLUS the other bonuses that I have added at the bottom you really do have everything to succeed.

I could go on and on about the quality and power of this easy to follow training but I will just say that my final Headway review is that you would be crazy to not grab this while the cost is low!

I will also be removing my training The Big Five after the launch is over! Let’s have a quick look at the OTOs.


OTO 1 of Headway is The Complete DFY solution PLUS as a bonus from me I will be giving you the first OTO of my training The Big Five!


OTO 2 is the Headway advanced training PLUS as a bonus from me I will be giving you OTO 2 of The Big Five!


OTO 3 is the Headway Double your traffic solution!





The Big Five (My 2 time award winning training that shows you exactly how I run my own business which includes a combination of the 5 Big elements, a highly optimised website, a highly optimised YouTube channel, a list grown in 2 ways, a targeted FB group and your own product which you can use to make money or capture leads. I show you over 8 hours of intensive training how to combine them to create a traffic and sales sucking business. This bonus is time sensitive as it still sells daily and will be getting bumped soon to a high ticket training)


The Big Five OTO 1 (This is advanced video training never seen outside of my high ticket coaching that will propel you so far ahead of your competition its almost unfair)


The Big Five OTO 2 (A packed members area full of Done for you material that will shave hours off your time to get set up and profiting)


Approval To Promote The Big 5 and Our Software ViralTek (If you decide to get Headway from me then I will give you approval to promote the 2 products mentioned plus I will create a special coupon code so you can sell The Big 5 at a discounted cost which makes it an easy sell. Simply email with proof of purchase)


Warrior Plus Blueprint (20 HD videos in the FE and 20 advanced training videos in the upsell, 40 videos in total. This is the most complete guide to getting set up on W+ from total beginner to advanced user and marketer. With these 40 over the shoulder videos you will learn everything you need to know to become a Top product vendor and a Top affiliate. An even more detailed training that includes everything that got missed out in Headway)


Google ads, Analytics and Integrations (A Huge Package with over 20 videos on the front end plus EVERYTHING in the upsell from sales pages to intro video, graphics, lead grabbing page, banners, presell videos, call to action Tweets, teaser page, legal pages, website, email series and a LOT more! As well as being a great product I am giving you the rights to upload and sell this premium training as your own. Everything that you need is there from the sales page to the upsell pages)


EVERYTHING YOUTUBE (This is FIVE full training products and upsells included with over 60 videos and 8 PDFs that cover everything from YouTube SEO, channel optimization, YouTube Lives, the celeb formula, editing and a LOT more. These are trainings from my personal reference library which will mean that you will start as a beginner and become an expert on YouTube. You can download one at a time or all at once.)


Marc’s LIVE recorded Over the Shoulder Facebook Training (Shows you a case study of how using free Facebook traffic and a BOT can blow up your earnings and I actually show you live a case study of what to do and what not to do. Powerful case study that make you think twice before clicking links on FB again)


Facebook Group Nuclear (Main course PDF, Mindmap PDF and 10 HD videos that walk you through the power of using Facebook groups to blow up your profits. Creating a FB group in a certain niche will bring in a lot of traffic, and more importantly people in that niche. This training has helped me grow my FB group to almost 2k active members)


Get Headway Today and Get Over One of The Biggest Hurdles There is PLUS Get My Insane Time Limited Bonuses!



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