How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software Review

How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software Review 

So Luther Landor’s new product How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software has just been released and after going through this huge PDF training I have to say that this will be THE game changer for a lot of people, myself included!

As always Luther has a sales page for How I Made $1,000,000 Reselling Software that is not some blind sales copy that you have no idea what you will be buying but instead he has explained the exact method of what you will be doing in this course…now the thing is after reading the sales page of How I Made $1,000,000 Reselling Software I thought what a great idea I am going to try that but trust me when you actually open this packed eBook you will see that without the actual product you would have no idea where to start or how to do this.

How I Made $1,000,000 Reselling Software Review


Now the amazing thing about How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software is that someone with basic computer skills could read through this eBook a few times and TAKE ACTION and actually start making the kind of completely life changing money that Luther speaks about in his product.

Now not only is this one of the most detailed PDF’s that I have read in a long time but there is so much information which is laid out in a step by step plan that you really can’t fail and will have the ability to grow How I Made $1,000,000 Reselling Software into a mega business, learning as you go but also making money as you follow along and scale up…and up…and up…




Now the other thing I loved about How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software is that this is not some crappy theory or a method that everyone is teaching but Luther has actually done this and has actually made well over $1,000,000 Reselling Software and he shows us undeniable proof on the sales page, even logging into his various accounts on video…now if that doesn’t motivate you then you should probably just click away now!!! I am not joking!

How I Made $1,000,000 Reselling Software Review


I have been looking for a new income stream for a long time now but keep putting it off but after reading How I Made $1,000,000 Reselling Software FOUR times I just know that this will work and maybe I don’t make $1,00,000 in a year but I know that following this course will most likely be the best project that I or you could under take!! This is making life changing money while building a business empire!

Now another thing for those who didn’t read all the sales page is that you are not creating products or software’s you are getting them from PLR sites which some of them you can join for $1 for your first month (though Luther tells you all this in this eBook), you are getting templates to use, step by step instructions on the very little “Techy” aspects, live case studies you can refer to, traffic methods and so much more!!!!

How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software by Luther Landro is a life changing product and ignore it only if you want to go on buying the next blind sales page product that actually tells you nothing but that you will make $100 in 10 minutes….

Everything you need to succeed is in the main product but there are a few upsells that will be very useful!


OTO 1 a Reselling Software Upgrade (more info and software to get you there even faster)

OTO 2 is Behind The Scenes Case Study (The main product is based on Luther’s own life case study but this goes even deeper, as always my favourite kind of upsell)





  1. Marc (Post author)

    Hi Pamela,

    I am glad that you liked it, I also see huge potential in it and as Luther says you may release 10 products and 4 will only sell a few, 4 will do ok and 1 or 2 will be huge hits…I like to hear the truth not some fancy made up promises…I have slowly started to get things ready and have the course almost memorised. I think the real secret is to not give up and keep going until you start having success, that is what I will be doing anyway!!

    In the PDF course Luther mentions using a certain page builder (Lead Pages I believe), well to save some money I will be using something called WP optins 3.0 – now I forgot to add that in the bonuses which I hope you got but feel free to check out the software / page builder that I mentioned (you will find on Google) and if you want it then just email me and I will send you the software and all the training videos (for free of course),it will save you a good bit of money and does make nice sales pages etc!

    Also keep me updated and let me know when you release your first and I will promote it and thank you for buying through my site!

    To success and beyond!


  2. Pamela

    Hi Marc,

    I finally purchased the course and just finished reading
    through it.

    I really like what I read and am eager to get this thing

    I also purchased the two OTOs (at the ‘promo’ price point),
    and I am going to review them right away.

    I would absolutely love to partner up with him and get all of the
    good stuff that comes with that, and the fee is fair, but it’s not
    possible for me until down the road.

    Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions and
    to be of assistance to me. It’s much appreciated.

  3. Marc (Post author)


    Thanks for visiting my site! The main course PDF is very detailed and tells you where and how to get everything…the upsells just make life a lot easier and help you get there quicker! In my opinion depending on how hard you work or how much time you spend you could start making money within days!!

    For this method you don’t need a website but will need to get a domain name to have your sales page, affiliate page, upsell pages etc. Also Luther and I would highly recommend getting an autoresponder (you can get started with some for free or get the first few months for free)

    The main course is the full method explained…it is not a product that you need an upsell to make it work!! As you can see from my review I really like this product but it is a bit of hard work and a learning curve to get started but in my opinion completely worth it as this a full complete business in a box and Luther reveals everything unlike many product creators who hold back on some important little details that you really need to know to succeed!

    I hope this helps,

    My best,


  4. Tiye

    Hi Marc,

    I bought this product, via your site, as a result of your review. I don’t have a website. What I’d like to know from you is this; realistically, how long do you think it will take to start making money WITHOUT buying the upsells. I have very limited funds to speculate with.

  5. Marc (Post author)

    Hi again,

    Sorry I thought that I had already given you the cost…anyway here there are again!

    How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software $47.00
    Reselling Software Upgrade $187.00
    Behind The Scenes Case Study $97.00



  6. Pamela

    Hi again Marc!

    (Thought you’d get rid of me by now, right?!)

    I hate to keep harping on the price of things, but I’m wondering about
    the cost of purchasing resell rights to software.

    Can you give me a ballpark figure on what I’d be looking at?

    Thanks again for your assistance! Much appreciated.


  7. Marc (Post author)

    Hi Pamela,

    I don’t want to give you misinformation as it varies from product to product. Sometimes it is exactly the same just cheaper but sometimes it’s missing something vital that you would not get for the full price…for example instead of getting 8 Done for you campaigns you get 3 or instead of getting 10 videos in a case study you get 4 or instead of getting a video course and a software you only get a PDF… I can’t tell you exactly because the only way to find out is when you buy the product…normally marketers never tell people about downsells as they want to get the biggest commission, but that is where I am different as I think that you should know if on a budget that you can still get some part of the OTO…

    Sorry that I cant be of more help Pamela, if I knew I would tell you!



  8. Pamela

    One more thing, Mark…

    Is see the “upgrade” and “upgrade promo.” What is the difference, besides
    the price?



  9. Marc (Post author)

    No problem at all…happy to be of help!

    In regards to which OTO’s to get with this product I cant really say as all look good and time saving to me…I liked the upgrade (OTO 1) and I always enjoy case studies…I actually learn more from case studies than many products…though when you buy as I am sure you know you will see the sales pages for the OTOs and that may help you make up your mind….there is also a 3rd OTO which is to join Luther’s monthly inner circle at a big discount! I have had a look inside and was impressed, a lot of success stories (that was what I was looking at mostly as I had limited access)

    If you read my other reviews very often I will only recommend buying 1 OTO or sometimes not to bother at all but with this product which I have actually started with myself it is so hard to say which to get…it depends on your money situation, level of experience etc!

    As you saw I am giving away a lot of bonuses but 1 that I didnt write down or add into the list was this (WP Optins 3.0 (One of the most powerful and versatile Squeeze Page Creator that can also be used to create Sales Pages, Thank You Pages and JV Pages. A very easy to use but powerful and versatile Software + Full Training Videos included)

    So if you buy through my site you will get instant access to all the bonuses listed but you will need to email me with proof of purchase and I will send it right over! It is what I am using to create my sales pages (You can Google it).

    Also if you do decide to buy through my site it may be a good idea to clear your cookies so that you get all of my bonuses! It is very easy to do and if you Google it and follow the 4 or 5 simple steps it will take less than 5 minutes…

    Hope this helps…

    My best,


    PS. I will be interested to compare notes on this if you go with it…I have a few extra ideas that may make it more profitable…

  10. Marc (Post author)

    No problem Pamela,

    It is no secret that I love this course….I have already started to put it into progress…

    OTO 1 and 2 will help you succeed faster….though if you are going to buy it and stick away in your harddrive, then I can recommend better methods….maybe CPA? I am already trying to work out some of the details though have made $70 while trying….as I said this PDF alone is a game changer….

    Feel free to ask any other questions!

    Your friend,


  11. Pamela

    Thank you, Marc, for such a prompt and complete response!

    I really appreciate it.

    I am wondering if you recommend any of the OTOs, and if so, which
    would you highly recommend?

    Thanks again and in advance,


  12. Pamela

    Thank you, Marc, for your prompt response and for such a complete answer.

    I really appreciate it.

    I am interested in purchasing this course and would like your opinion on the
    OTOs. Do you have any recommendations on which to purchase?

    Thanks again!


  13. Marc (Post author)

    Hi Pamela,

    Thank you for visiting my site and I am glad that you appreciate my honest reviews (my last 2 reviews no one has bought because I told the exact truth….ohhh welll)

    Anyway here are the costs of all the upsells and downsells (downsells being cheaper, I am truly here to help so if you can get something cheaper then I am all for it)

    How I Made 1,000,000 Reselling Software $47.00
    Reselling Software Upgrade $187.00
    Reselling Software Upgrade Promo $97.00
    Behind The Scenes Case Study $97.00
    Behind The Scenes Case Study Promo $47.00

    PS. I get a ton of emails from all kinds of people, I got at least 20 telling me that I had never even seen this product so just to show you that I never review anything without reading / watching it first, maybe this will prove I am not like the 100’s of others who promote something without actually reviewing it…

    Thanks for leaving a comment Pamela and know that I am always here as much as humanly possible to answer questions,

    My best,


  14. Pamela

    Hey there Marc!

    Thank you for such a thorough review.

    Could you tell me what the price is for both of the OTOs?

    Thanks in advance,


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