How to Optimise Your YouTube Channel

How to Optimise Your YouTube Channel For SEO


One of the questions that I get asked very regularly is why are my YouTube videos not ranking and what SEO method should I use?

Usually when I look at that person’s YouTube channel optimisation it is bare, ugly, neglected and has NO optimisation of any sort.

Now I could go through and explain in words how you can completely optimise your YouTube channel for SEO but I thought that it would make more sense to just show you.

In the video on this post I show you what many YouTube training courses forget to tell you.

You can check out my own channel by Clicking Here.

In the video I show you how to make your channel pop and also what you can do in the backend of YouTube to optimise it with social media backlinks which greatly increases your YouTube’s channel authority which in turn makes your actual videos rank higher and faster.

Something that many people overlook and dont think important.

Not optimising your channel for SEO is a mistake and will result in your actual videos never ranking.

YouTube channel optimisation


So take the time to watch the video above and make these simple channel optimisations.

If you are looking for a great course on how to build a YouTube business I highly recommend checking out iPassive which is a training that changed the way that I structure my own YouTube business.

Most people including myself teach how to create and optimise “Product Review” videos but the training above teaches you how to make videos that are “Evergreen Review” videos.

After implementing this I have managed to create videos which continue to get 100’s of views a day and also daily sales with me only having to do the work once and then set and forget those videos.


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