How To Structure Your Online Business

How to structure and build your online business?


Getting started in your first online business does not have to be a very expensive investment.

There will always be tools that you will need but many of them are free.

If you are serious about getting started with internet marketing or online marketing which are both basically the same thing, there are 3 things that I would recommend getting.

The first thing is a domain and hosting and something that I wish that I had invested in when I first started my online business….an autoresponder, so that you can start building your list from day one!

Having a list of people who trust you and believe in what you are selling or reviewing is a very powerful online asset, perhaps THE most powerful.

To get started though in any online business you have to put in some work and set up at the beginning (the same way you would if you were starting a restaurant, a bar or café or any offline business)

Once you have those certain assets set up then you can concentrate on growing them and adding content.

Some people will tell you that the best way to go is to start blogging, some people say YouTube, then others will tell you that building a list is the only way to go or that creating a presence on social media is the best way.

Then there are people who say that creating and launching a product is the best way to go, though if you are a complete beginner that will not be very easy…

In my online business I use all of the above and more and am always trying out new methods that will increase traffic and sales, whether from my own products or someone else’s product by promoting them as an affiliate.

Once you have your online assets set up and are adding daily content then you have time to try out new traffic methods or new tools that will make your life easier and bring in more traffic, leads and sales.

Every day I get emails or messages on Facebook asking me the best way to make money or build an online business.

creating an online business
creating an online business


There really is no magic answer to that question besides put together a plan, educate yourself through free YouTube videos or online posts, invest in good training or even a mentor and prepare to treat your online business as you would any business.

The online business world is always changing but with the assets that I show you in the video above will give you the best chance of success out there and Google and YouTube are always growing and you can grow with them.

Over the years I have tried a LOT of business models and some have worked very well but the online marketing business model that I have talked about and shown you above has always been part of my success.

So decide right now, do I have the will, time and focus to start an online marketing business.

One of my best selling products that is totally Evergreen goes into a lot more detail on how to set up all of the above assets the right way which I called The Big Five.

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