I.M Underdog Review

So I got my review copy of I.M Underdog and that is what I am going to do. Now firstly this sales page is hugely hypy which I hate but that is Bill Hugalls signature, this is a product with Bill that Tom has put his name to, Tom I know and trust though the fact that he has teamed up with Bill I find quite strange but as I said lets go through I.M Underdog…



Lets start by explaining one thing, the sales that you see on the sales page of I.M Underdog are from Warrior+ and JVzoo and you can take my word for this…they could not have been made without having a huge list which both Bill and Tom do.

So I have given you a huge hint now as to what this course is about and that is building a huge list using both free and paid traffic. Now just so that I dont get 50 emails asking me if you need hosting etc, HERE is the answer, To make I.M Underdog work you will need an autoresponder, hosting and a domain.



Inside the members area of I.M Underdog there is a combination of videos and PDF’s and you are encouraged to take lots of notes. The members area of I.M Underdog starts with a welcome video and 2 PDF’s you need to download.

The first video of the main course is about the overview of the system (Video #1: The 30,000 foot view) and what to expect and how you will be going from 0 to hero and Bill shows us how to research as he calls it, basically finding the correct offer.


I did skip some of this because Bill bores me and was repeating lots of things that I know (though I will point out that in the first main video of I.M Underdog Bill shows us a slide that has 3 words on it and one is Spelled completely wrong, this product is about marketing and that is what he spells wrong), he then loses a slide but luckily finds it again…

I.M Underdog is a solid method and if you follow the instructions you will find that you will be building your list very quickly.

members bonus

The Above Bonus Products are inside the I.M Underdog members area!


Video 2 in I.M Underdog is all about getting set up with Getresponse, if you are using another AR then don’t worry you can just use your own choice. The next video is about building your squeeze page then the best video which is all about traffic and getting your list built in no time at all.

There is also a Free Webinar about how to leave paid traffic behind that you can sign up for inside I.M Underdog.



There are finally 2 bonus videos about traffic and email marketing as the course I.M Underdog is a course about how to build your list quickly, how to get set up quickly, how to select the correct offer to promote, how to keep your list happy and write good emails that convert and how to drive a load of free and paid traffic to your squeeze page.



I have reviewed many products about these factors above but I.M Underdog really does simplify it all and I will admit that when it comes to choosing an offer I did learn quite a lot and also the part about building your squeeze page I did learn a much better way to build my own.

If you are looking for a product that breaks everything down about list building and making affiliate sales then I don’t think you will be disappointed with I.M Underdog…

OTO 1 is a Done for you campaign and as I have said many times I always like the DFY OTO’s as I think they save you a load of time. (though in my bonus products I am including 2 ready to go done for you squeeze pages plus a load more)

OTO 2 is a one on one coaching with Bill and Tom (could be worth the money if you want to ask any questions that were not covered or that you didn’t understand)





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