IG Money Tree Review

IG Money Tree Review – Leads, Growth and sales all set up in 60 Seconds?


As soon as I saw the demo for this I knew that I had to get my own copy, so my IG Money Tree Review is based on a case study as I setup the software 24 hours ago and have been running it ever since.

IG Money Tree is not some software that follows people and unfollows them it is completely different and unlike anything that I have seen before.

IG Money Tree Review

IG Money Tree Review


In over 4 years of reviewing softwares I think that the only softwares that really blew me away were Simple Social Tools or more recently Aurora!

Firstly to get set up all that you have to do is insert your Instagram account username, modify your description a little, get instant approval for a product on Warrior plus and create your special IG Money Tree link.

Now you have a link that you can share and drive traffic too or even easier just follow some more people on Instagram and share some pictures and GIFs to your IG account like you normally would and let IG Money Tree do all the heavy lifting.

The software is not even live yet and I already have 9 new people who have opted into my IG Money Tree software.

IG Money Tree Review

IG Money Tree Review


So what exactly does this viral software do?

IG Money Tree gets you new subscribers, sends those subscribers through a funnel where they can buy the product that is being promoted which you get instant access to.

The software also gets you new followers and for every person that signs up under your special link you get the information that they get when sharing their link to other people.

Now if someone clicks your link they are then taken to a page where a video pops up and explains that they can get paid to grow their IG following and make money at the same time and below that there is a optin form to get more info (you just captured that lead).

IG Money Tree Review

IG Money Tree Review


Then IG Money Tree takes them to a new page where they have to follow 9 generated Instagram users which that of course builds your following even more and gives more people the chance to see your link.

Once they have done that part they are offered a FREE product that has a funnel that pays out up to 300 Dollars, if they buy it great, if they don’t then they are offered a IG Money Tree Website so that they can grow their Instagram account.

***Q and A! I keep getting asked “Why don’t I sign up through your special IG Money Tree Link rather than buying the product?”. So I let Bryan explain it to you in this short video from the members area! Just click HERE – https://www.screencast.com/t/perpHWOPPjg

***UPDATE 3 – I just made another sale (thats 4 now) and all that I have done is post 2 pictures to Instagram and now have a list of over 100 and growing..imagine when I start really promoting my IG money tree site!

I have never said this before but you would be crazy to NOT get this!

IG Money Tree Review

IG Money Tree Review – My results from Sharing a few Pictures as well as a list of almost 200

It really does not get anymore viral than that.

Now I am not a coder and will never be one but this new software is like nothing that I have ever seen before.

This software is doing everything for you and the more that you post on Instagram or share your link the more leads and sales that you will get and the bigger your Instagram following will get.

***NOTE – Before Watching. When I put False details in to Show You The System the Software Brings up a paid product that has now been changed to a free product! 

Another reason that I like IG Money Tree so much is that you can take it away from Instagram and share your unique link anywhere at all but ultimately it brings you and the person who clicks your link back to Instagram.

You could share it in Facebook groups if you are allowed, on your FB timeline, your Twitter or other social media accounts.

First SALE Made!

My IG Money Tree Results so far! First SALE Made!


Once you see the power of IG Money Tree then you can come up with even more ways to get people to click your link.

There is also some great traffic training that Bryan Winters (The creator has been using himself) inside of the members area where you get set up when you invest into IG Money Tree. Tom E is also involved in this product.

I thought that explaining how this software works would be a lot easier but it does so much behind the scenes which just leaves you to get set up in a minute and then start driving traffic or just doing what you would normally do on IG.

IG Money Tree Review

IG Money Tree Review


The more that you use your Instagram account or use one of Bryans traffic methods the more money you will make, the bigger your list will become and the bigger your IG following will become.

In my video review I will show you live how IG Money Tree works as trying to explain the real power of this software in writing is a lot harder than I expected.

My overall IG Money Tree review is that this is something that anyone can do, as long as you know your Instagram name then you will be set up in less than a minute and ready to start.

I know that this works as many people are posting their results on Facebook, I am already seeing results in my own account and when my Wife gets home from the beach I will get her to start posting on Instagram for me ?

This is my Special IG Money Tree linkhttps://www.igmoneytree.com/marcgrayonlinemarketing

This is my Instagram accounthttps://www.instagram.com/marcgrayonlinemarketing/

Now you may be thinking why don’t I just use Marc’s link?

Well if you do then you are sharing everything with me from followers to sales, having your own account is how YOU control everything!

There are a few OTO’s or Upsells though not many!


OTO 1 is called The Auto Income Switch which explodes the virality of the software,  producing leads, followers and affiliate commissions at a crazy rate (This is what I have)


OTO 2 is called IG Money Tree Email Money Squeeze which auto-captures the email address of every single new lead/follower.


OTO 3 is called The High Ticket Mogul and this allows you to have high ticket products in your IG Money tree Funnel!




Today though I am going to explain why I am not.

Every big marketer who is a part of this launch has put their BEST SELLING products together into a custom bonus page that you can view below.

I added one of my Flagship products called Traffic Victory and I have even seen quite a few products that were launched only a few days ago.

Also at the time of writing this every time I look there is a new software or product added so the amount of high quality Bonus products just keeps growing.

Now just to go one better as well as the CRAZY bonus page below I am also going to add into Warrior Plus another link to 15 (FIFTEEN) of MY BEST traffic products and 4 of them all involve using Instagram.

Normally I would say getting too many useless bonuses takes your attention away from the product that you bought but in this case it only takes 60 seconds to set up The IG Money Tree software!

So just to repeat myself again!

Click the link below To Get the Best Bonuses from Everyone promoting IG Money Tree PLUS I have added in 15 Traffic trainings Including 4 about Instagram that are waiting for you inside the members area of Warrior Plus.


SO CLICK HERE To Check Out The Crazy Bonuses Myself and Other Marketers Are Giving Away Plus The Traffic Bonuses From Me That Are Not Listed Here!





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