Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • This method takes most of the hard work away!
  • Something that I have just started doing!


  • None Really...though if you buy from my site I created my over the shoulder training with a case study included!

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review – Outsource Everything besides The Making Money Part!


Hello Readers, Rock stars and Friends, The product that I am about to give you a quick review about is 4 days late so all the hype has died down but I felt it would be unfair not to do an Infinity Buyer Traffic Review as I have started doing this myself.

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As I said above Infinity Buyer Traffic has been out for a few days at the time of writing but I have had it open on my desktop watching the videos whenever I had a moment.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review


I will be completely honest when I say I was not going to review Infinity Buyer Traffic.


Well I thought that it was just another Facebook marketing training which I have reviewed lots of recently.

Infinity Buyer Traffic IS different though, yes it’s about Facebook but there is a big difference and that part is what I have been pondering over the last few days.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review


I have been wanting to do this for a long time (Use Facebook for Free traffic and to build another asset), I do in a way by having a very active Facebook group but I mostly help people there and answer questions.

The Infinity Buyer Traffic method involves setting up a new Facebook account and finding new buyer friends which recently I have just not had the time to do BUT…

What if you could outsource the whole set up for a very small cost?

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review


That’s what changed my mind and also seeing the results that Fergal and Aidan have been getting using their Infinity Buyer Traffic.

I am going to be completely honest again, I have been trying to do too many projects online at the same time and have ended up putting myself under huge stress and barely able to get away from my office.

Now is the whole working online dream not supposed to be about having lots of free time to spend with family or travel?

Of course it is!

That’s why Infinity Buyer Traffic rings a HUGE bell with me!

I make enough money online to be able to give my Wife and kids a great life but being stuck in my office day after day when it’s 40 degrees outside and the beach a few minutes away from our house sometimes makes me think why am I still working so hard!

Here’s another little secret for you, most of the big names in online marketing outsource most of their business, something that I need to start doing.

So, after having Infinity Buyer Traffic open on my desktop for days and watching the videos about outsourcing I decided to give it a try.

As I am writing this I have a new VA (virtual assistant) that is setting up a new gmail account for me, opening a new Facebook account and contacting buyers for me all for 10 Dollars a day.

Now here is a little tip or trick that is not mentioned anywhere.

After I have followed the Infinity Buyer Traffic method I may try using a software called Simple Social tools that I reviewed on this site last year though I may just keep with the way that Fergal and Aidan are doing as its working for them.

Also there are now Monthly fees with Simple Social Tools and they are not cheap.

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review

Infinity Buyer Traffic Review


So to sum up and finish my rather late Infinity Buyer Traffic review I will go just go over the main points and why I think that this training deserves to be recognised.

You will be creating a new gmail and Facebook account which you can outsource completely.

Then you will be adding buyers to your new Facebook account and building a list full of buyers that you can remarket to over and over using a BOT (so even less work from you needed).

This may sound easy and it is once you show your VA what to do, I should also mention that the members area has 17 over the shoulder training videos that go into great detail that anyone can follow.

Also there is a case study at the end though the whole Infinity Buyer Traffic training really is a case study as Fergal shows you exactly how he sets everything up.

There are a few Upsells or OTOs (though not too many)


OTO 1 is the Infinity Done for you Package which includes a load of things that will save you a lot of time and also you will get guaranteed approval to promote high converting offers.


OTO 2 is the Infinity set of case studies, though these are not typical case studies as they show you how to use the Extractor method (basically how to get them off Facebook into your BOT buyer list)


OTO 3 is the Infinity One on One coaching where you can get help setting everything up.




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