How to Optimise Your YouTube Channel

How to Optimise Your YouTube Channel For SEO, Growth, Views and Rankings In 2024!   One of the questions that I get asked very regularly is why are my YouTube videos not ranking and How to Optimise Your YouTube Channel? Usually when I look at that person’s YouTube channel optimisation it is bare, ugly, neglected … Read more

Are Solo Ads a Trusted Source of Traffic

Are Solo Ads a Trusted Source of Traffic?   In the ever-evolving world of online marketing, finding a consistent and trustworthy source of traffic can be like discovering Gold. So can we count Solo Ads as a Trusted Source of Traffic? One such avenue that has both praise and scepticism is the realm of solo … Read more

The Entrepreneur’s Journey!

Embrace Failure and Keep Going: The Entrepreneur’s Journey!   In the world of online business, success stories often overshadow the struggles and failures that pave the path to success. We need to Embrace Failure and Keep Going! It’s easy to be captivated by the allure of overnight success, but the reality is far different. Building … Read more

Marketing Alliance Portugal

Marketing Alliance Portugal – Pictures!   This post has been a long while in the making! Last year I went to a marketing event in Portugal and met a lot of people that you may have heard of or even read about on this very site. There are now more and more events being organized … Read more