Insta Vid Review

Insta Vid Review


Ease Of Training




Value For Money



  • Does what it says on the sales page!
  • Very easy to use!


  • I could not find any real training in the review copy I got SO I have added some training that will teach you how to rank and get set up and a LOT more (Scroll to the bottom to read what I am including)

Insta Vid Review – Create Quick and easy videos without talking in a minute, possible?


Hey my fellow readers and marketers, Today I am going to be doing an Insta Vid Review, this is my first review or post in a while and its great to be back.

The reason that I chose Insta Vid is because it actually interests me, is something that I use and helps a lot of people to get started with YouTube or video marketing.

Insta Vid Review

Insta Vid Review


I have just finished testing and checking out Insta Vid and have been pleasantly surprised.

The person that created Insta Vid also created another software that I reviewed late last year, WP Ultra Pop.

Just before I go on I should also mention that the review copy of Insta Vid has a rather lazy mistake (though I have been promised that it will be corrected in the version that you can buy.)

Insta Vid Review

Insta Vid Review


What is it that I thought was rather lazy / rushed / misinformed is that after creating your video you have the option to share to 4 social media sites.

Sounds great?

Well one of those is Google Plus which is gone now so your not sharing anything there!


Anyway do I like Insta Vid overall?

Yep I do and here is why…

As a video marketer myself and someone who teaches about video marketing SEO I have found 2 big problems.

The first one is that many beginners don’t want to record themselves, they hate hearing their own voice, well Insta Vid solves that problem as you can simply choose whichever accent or even language to do the talking for you!

The second thing that is a problem for me and many beginners is that I can talk and tell you all about online marketing all day but…

Ask me to record myself in a video about one of my sub niches (especially herpes or some other obscure niche) and I really don’t feel great about chatting away about that, again Insta Vid solves that problem.


So from the sales page of Insta Vid you watch the software in action and see how easy it is, just look at the video example above.

That took me less than a minute to make which means that I could pump out these videos all day and upload straight to YouTube with my site link right in the description.

Now as much as I like this little software / plugin I didn’t find any training on ranking your videos.

Insta Vid Review

Insta Vid Review


Now making a ton of catchy info videos with Insta Vid is great but if you don’t know how to get traffic to them well that will make life a lot harder.

So I have decided to make this tool complete by adding in my own personal YouTube video training which I have only ever shown to a few people before.

So if you do decide to grab Insta Vid from my review then you are going to be having a HUGE advantage over everyone else!

There are of course some Upsells or OTOs, which I will list below quickly, and then my special bonus training at the bottom!


OTO 1 of Insta Vid is called The Diamond Edition!


OTO 2 is The Developers Licence!


OTO 3 is The Done-For-You Platinum Pack!


OTO 4 is the Ranking + Software Bundle! (With my bonus training you will not need to learn about ranking!)






Marc’s Own Secret Video and Optimisation Ranking Method (A packed PDF that walks you through exactly how to rank your videos and optimise every part of your videos. Only seen inside my private training and as an Upsell on my own bestselling product)


Three different and packed YouTube trainings (These cover the foundations of video marketing and lead from beginner to Pro!


YouTube Channel Authority 2019 (main course PDF + 10 HD videos. YouTube is always changing, both the platform and the marketing styles. This packed training covers some of the best YouTube marketing points and latest skills needed. I could not stop reading the PDF and have realized that there are so many aspects that I needed to tweak. A great training course for this year and beyond!)


59 Minute Private recorded training (I created this over the shoulder training for another powerful software BUT the ranking tactics are the same SO I have decided to give this away as well even though I swore that this would stay with my private students. I WILL be removing this after this launch)


WP UltraPop Reseller rights (A very cool plugin that not only pops up video but you can make a link from that pop up and it follows you as the page gets moved up and down. I reviewed it on this site last year if you want to do a quick search on the top right hand corner)


WP SociConnect Reseller Rights (A smart plugin for sharing content and using it to go viral)


Animatio Reseller Rights (A very clever plugin that allows you to select any content on your site to move up and down so that it gets people’s eyes drawn to it.)


20 Complete WordPress sites (20 different niches in ready to be uploaded packs. These are complete sites with everything on them from content to graphics, the perfect way to put up quick sites and add your videos to them)


Online Viral Marketing Secrets (2 main PDFs and 12 HD Videos – It is no secret that being able to get a picture, video or post viral will bring you in a ton of traffic, sales and attention grabbing followers. Very powerful training)




Get These Incredibly Powerful Bonuses When You Buy Insta Vid Through My Website – CLICK HERE.



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