Instant Daily Profits Review

Instant Daily Profits Review

Instant Daily Profits has just been released and has big promises. Check out my Instant Daily Profits Review to see if this good training or not!

Instant Daily Profits is the latest product by Saul and Erik. Now firstly Instant Daily Profits promises that you need no budget at all to get started and that this can be done with no technical skills!

 Instant Daily Profits Review

Instant Daily Profits Review


Now many products that I get review access to are based on nothing but theory but Instant Daily Profits is being used on a daily basis by Erik to send a lot of traffic to his affiliate offers.

Now unlike many other product creators who use income proof from their list the actual income proof being shown by Erik in Instant Daily Profits is really his from this method.

Instant Daily Profits is also not claiming that you will make $1000 a day by doing no work, Erik spends about a few hours using free traffic to send people to affiliate offers.

Now one of the things that I will say is that with Instant Daily Profits you will get the best results if you have an autoresponder. Now Erik recommends using Getresponse (that is the same one that I use) but you could also use a free autoresponder such as Mailchimp!

Inside the members area of Instant Daily Profits there is a complete PDF walk through of the method then 7 videos that are over the shoulder to help you get set up if you are a complete beginner.

There are also another 4 PDFs about Facebook because FB is your main traffic source though one is a cheatsheet, a mindmap and a resource report!

Now the actual Instant Daily Profits method is very easy to set up and get started with and you only need a short time to get the traffic started.

Instant Daily Profits Review

Instant Daily Profits Review


Instant Daily Profits actually reminds me of a method that I tried out in a different niche a few months ago. Now I was not using an autoresponder but using the traffic method to drive traffic to my affiliate offer.

When I tried the traffic source inside Instant Daily Profits I did make a few sales which were all profit because the traffic is free and the reason that I only made a few sales was because the niche that I was using was a very obscure one.

Now the niche that Instant Daily Profits and Erik are using mean that you will never run out of traffic because it is one of the most popular niches online but of course you can use it in any niche online that people are interested in!

So together with using a free traffic source and having no upfront investments and solid training in both PDF and over the shoulder video training I would have to say that for the low price my overall Instant Daily Profits Review is that this is a good quick method to get started making as much as $100 a day!


OTO 1 is a package of DFY tools that you would have to create yourselves. Also you will receive high converting offers that you can promote right away plus a secret method of doubling your earnings without any extra efforts.


OTO 2 of Instant Daily Profits is a DFY sequence; just change the affiliate links and convert prospects into cash.



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