Instant Mobile Magnet Review

So Instant Mobile Magnet is a new project just about to be launched by new friend James Renouf and Jeremy Kennedy. Now if you follow all my posts you may remember that I told you about an argument that James and I had 3 years ago. Well James emailed me directly to say sorry though the fault was not all his as I have always been like an attack dog when it comes to writing reviews.



I had out of stubborn principle stayed away from everything that James touched, most likely shooting myself in the foot on occasion but now I am glad to be able to review Instant Mobile Magnet and all the other amazing ideas that James comes up with and to top it all off it turns out that James is a Gentleman and real nice guy (though if he ever lets his standards fall I will be here to tell you lol)

The one thing that I had to admit is that James is always the first to find new trends and methods….to be honest some of the stuff that he comes up with is amazing but also simple and never been done before. Some of the ideas are just insane but make you think where does the guy get these ideas?? Does he have a hired think tank?? I doubt that, its just that James has the brain we all would love, an entrepreneur’s mind. So Instant Mobile Magnet has a short to the point sales page. Most of James sales pages are like that because he is not trying to sell something rehashed or tricky but something to the point and easy to implement.



Instant Mobile Magnet is based around the principle that the best way to sell is through interaction and getting people curious and interested in what you are talking about and that is exactly what Instant Mobile Magnet does.

On the sales page there is a video of how using the methods in Instant Mobile Magnet James and Jeremy have been writing little posts through their mobile phones that take seconds to write and getting back replies from people desperate to know more and that is the core of Instant Mobile Magnet, how to get people actually asking you for more information about getting the link to a product or service…

Instant Mobile Magnet can be used in almost any niche but the guys have been testing it in the make money online niche, weight loss and many others. I for one am always looking for new free ways to get traffic and I think that Instant Mobile Magnet is definitely worth a try.



Just think about, you make your short enticing post and suddenly you have a load of replies asking for more, more!! You could do this for an hour a day and get a ton of new leads and as the name Instant Mobile Magnet suggests you can do it while out and about.

So if you are looking for an easy to implement method to get new desperate clients in almost ANY niche then you will kick yourself for not trying Instant Mobile Magnet.

There are 2 OTO’s, very fairly priced that will show you even more ways to use Instant Mobile Magnet and help you to get more traffic and dig out more niches!

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