Instant Product Lab Review

Instant Product Lab Review


Ease of Use




Value For Money



  • The software works well and if you use some out of the box thinking you can use this to help you make money!
  • Like any good software this saves you a lot of time!


  • When creating an eBook cover I found the controls very sensitive!

Instant Product Lab Review


I had my doubts about reviewing Instant Product Lab but something changed my mind. Check out my Instant Product Lab Review to see what changed my mind!

Firstly when I heard what Instant Product Lab does I thought to myself that I have a software that does the exact same thing and which I give away as a bonus on certain reviews but when I looked through this latest software that is on the market I realised that the differences was huge.

Firstly Instant Product Lab is a whole cloud based platform that can do more than the WP plugin that I own.

Instant Product Lab Review

Instant Product Lab Review

Not only can Instant Product Lab pull perfectly crafted articles from a data base of over 250,000 unique articles but you can also create your own book covers and add in your own affiliate links throughout your eBook.

On the sales page of Instant Product Lab it describes everything that you can do very clearly so rather than just repeat what is on the sales page I will tell you uses for it.

Instant Product Lab is a huge time saver, once you get used to using it you can create a smart looking eBook in a couple of minutes, complete with your chosen articles, a nice looking and professional eBook cover and your own affiliate links.

Once you have created your Instant Product Lab eBook you can then download in Word or PDF. The other neat little trick that Instant Product Lab lets you do is to add in your sections if you want.

Instant Product Lab Review

Instant Product Lab Review


So for example if I am creating a new eBook with Instant Product Lab I can add in an introduction about what you will find in the eBook.

Now creating an eBook with Instant Product Lab is very easy but there is more to it than that. With Instant Product Lab you also have a huge selection of squeeze pages that you can change around or just use right out of the box.

Now if you have a squeeze page then of course you will need an autoresponder BUT what you don’t need is hosting or a domain to host your squeeze page because Instant Product Lab hosts it for you.

Basically this means that Instant Product Lab will let you use their servers to host your squeeze page so you will have an easy link to have people go to, to optin to get your Instant Product Lab eBook.

Now when I first heard of what Instant Product Lab does I didn’t take into account the multiple reasons and uses that you can have for being able to create your own quick eBooks.

Instant Product Lab Review

Instant Product Lab Review


I have written a lot of eBooks and it does take time so Instant Product Lab first and foremost is a huge time saver. It is also very useful if you are not a native English speaker because it gives you the possibility to create perfectly crafted eBooks to give away.

I would have to say that my Instant Product Lab Review is that I am surprised how useful this software is.

It is easy to create great looking eBooks. Has the ability to use the large selection of custom squeeze pages which will integrate to your autoresponder with a simple copy paste of code and you can use the whole software to build your list of create eBooks and you can use the software to host your squeeze page which will save you a lot of money!

Instant Product Lab can also be used in any niche that you can think of making it even more versatile!

Instant Product Lab comes in a PRO and a Lite Version. So depending how often you will be using it you can make your own choice from there!






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