Instant Sales Avalanche Review

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Instant Sales Avalanche is a small PDF that gets straight to the point with only 12 pages. It took me only a few minutes to read but i had to go over the main method a few times to properly understand it. The basic concept of this method is broken into 2 parts.



Firstly it is about creating your list of subscribers through solo ads but also getting the money back that you spent from paying for the solo by getting commissions from affiliate offers. Instant Sales Avalanche requires that you first set up your funnel with a free product and sign in form so you can grab the emails to build your list, then you will be offering a high converting affiliate product which should recoup some of your money spent on the solo ad. Instant Sales Avalanche provides you with a list of the best people to buy solos from, basically people with strong buyers lists.

In Instant Sales Avalanche that is in a nutshell how the first part goes though it is of course explained much better by the 2 creators of the product Edward Latto and Derrick Lamb.



The second part to the technique is using Facebook Retargeting which basically means that you are showing up the advertisement on the people who you want to market to, the ones from your funnel which is shown how to set up using a retargeting pixel.

Instant Sales Avalanche is a very solid and easy to implement plan once you have the sales funnel set up because you are getting the chance to build your list while at the same time making affiliate sales, then after you create cheap clicks on facebook to retarget the ones you missed.

This is a very solid business model which is explained well and shows us plenty of proof. This is a graph from inside the Instant Sales Avalanche PDF that will show you better how the system works and how it can’t fail…see below!

capture from inside product


If you have a bit of money to invest in the beginning then this is a method that will fast track you to making large affiliate sales and building your list and having people to target with your Facebook ads!

Instant Sales Avalanche is a solid method that I can’t find fault with and can’t see any way for it to fail, the only factor is having that bit of start up cash though you don’t need a lot!

Instant Sales Avalanche is most definitely worth checking out. If you follow the set up guide you will fast track your business to success.



Both OTO’s are worth the money and will speed up your success even more…

OTO 1 is Instant S Avalanche PRO

OTO 2 is Instant Sales Avalanche Plus

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