Instant Traffic Tycoon Review

Instant Traffic Tycoon is another very clever traffic course from the boys at Extreme Funnels! After going through Instant Traffic Tycoon I have to say that if you want a new source of real targeted traffic then this for you (and me)..



Instant Traffic Tycoon is based mostly around the IM niche but you could use it for other niches though I think I am going to be trying out Instant Traffic Tycoon this week. Facebook ads are getting to expensive for me(even though they are still great and highly targeted). Bing is great for CPA mostly but the traffic source in Instant Traffic Tycoon is perfect for this site and affiliate offers!

Firstly Instant Traffic Tycoon jumps straight into the system and traffic source…no messing around here! This PDF has 4 main parts.



There is the foundation of the method, how to set things up so that you will be able to make money and build your list easily. Having a solid funnel is the best way to get started. I will give you a clue, you start by showing the traffic a top selling affiliate offer, if they buy great, if they don’t you offer them something special for free and get them onto your list to be sold to again after you have built up a bit of a relationship with them! The foundation is Key…

Then we learn about the traffic source which is not free but very cheap and Instant Traffic Tycoon will show you a clever method to make money then reinvest it quickly in your next promo! Im my opinion, using the methods in Instant Traffic Tycoon and reinvesting them back into your business you will have a buyers list that will be making you a full time income very quickly compared to other methods!



Just to clear this traffic source can be used on Affiliate offers, CPA, your own product and even I think you could generate Offline sales with Instant Traffic Tycoon!

If you read this site then you will know that I love case studies and Instant Traffic Tycoon has a great case study that they open up and let us see all the details about how they started with almost nothing, made a clever little twist and BOOM in 7 days had made over $1000,000. Reading this here you may think that is BS but inside Instant Traffic Tycoon you will see for real. These guys don’t mess around and their students are all successes.

The last part of Instant Traffic Tycoon is a complete step by step hold you by the hand blueprint. All you have to do is follow along with what these guys are teaching and implement Instant Traffic Tycoon. The steps are simple and easy to complete and as I said earlier if you follow along you will build a completely new solid business!

The OTO is a related and done for you system that will basically take all the work out of the Instant Traffic Tycoon…

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