International Disrupter Review

International Disrupter Review 

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International Disrupter is the latest product by James Renouf who is known for discovering new and interesting platforms and methods. This time International Disrupter shows us all about OpenBazaar which is a completely fresh market place where everything can be sold!

Now when I say everything I mean that you can sell digital goods or physical goods and the best thing about OpenBazaar is that there are no fees to pay to get set up. Now the other interesting thing about this platform is that the only way to pay is through Bitcoin.

International Disrupter Review


Inside the main training of International Disrupter you will learn how easy it is too work with Bitcoin and how to very easily trade them for cold hard Dollars. I have been buying up Bitcoin for a while now as they are kind of like stocks and the price goes up and down.

The main report shows you in detail how to go about getting set up in OpenBazaar and building your profile so that you can be ready to sell anything. Now you could easily use this platform and International Disrupter to sell PLR or digital products or my favourite use an arbitrage method such as buying on Fiverr or eBay and selling on OpenBazaar.

I have been going through the International Disrupter training and there are so many different ways to go about making money on this platform. For example, selling services that you can buy on Fiverr for $5 and go ahead and sell for 4 or 5 times that!!!




Also when you sign up to OpenBazaar you can download a desktop app which will get you set up and start building your profile for you, so that you can start getting followers interested in the same niches as you which in International Disrupter you will learn how to capitalise on this and start selling your own products!

While checking out Openbazzar I found everything being sold from beer hats to T Shirts to PDF’s and digital courses!! The possibilities are endless and just to help you get started I will be including some of my own amazing digital products to help you understand Bitcoin more and to give you some ideas of what you can be selling!!!


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